It's Good to be King

Crescent view of Jupiter with word Largest superimposed.

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Largest: Movie Credits

    Written, Produced & Directed by
    Michael Starobin

    Edited by

    Narrated by

    Motion Graphics
    Victoria Weeks

    Chris Meaney

    Victoria Weeks
    The Scientific Visualization Studio/NASA GSFC

    Director of Data Visualization Horace Mitchell
    Visualization Team Greg Shirah
    Tom Bridgman
    Ernest Wright
    Lori Perkins
    Software Development Greg Shirah
    Eric Sokolowsky
    Sound Design, Incidental Music
    Michael Starobin
    Computer Voice


    Mara Bayewitz

    Walt Feimer
    IT Management Pankaj Jaiswal
    Jim Williams
    Stuart Snodgrass
    Recording Engineer

    Account Management

    Science On a Sphere Project Liaison

    Mike Velle

    Mike Velle

    Maurice Henderson
    Scientific Consultants Dr. Amy Simon-Miller, GSFC
    Dr. David R. Williams, GSFC
    Educational Content Development Sallie Smith
    Pamela Clark
    Other Contributors Steve Albers, NOAA
    Reta Beebe, New Mexico State University
    Gordon Bjoraker, GSFC
    Shawn Ewald, Caltech/JPL
    Brendan Fisher, Caltech/JPL
    Heidi B. Hammel, Space Science Institute
    Andy Ingersoll, Caltech/JPL
    Allen Lunsford, Catholic University/GSFC
    Louis Mayo, HTSI/GSFC
    Glenn S. Orton, Caltech/JPL
    Carolyn Porco, Space Science Institute
    Dennis Reuter, GSFC
    Michael D. Smith, GSFC
    Ashwin R. Vasavada, Caltech/JPL
    Keith Noll, Space Telescope Science Institute
    Microscopic footage Peter A. Siver
    Department of Botany Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut
    Music Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony No. 9, 2nd Movement Op. 125
    Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony No. 2, 2nd Movement Op. 36
    Felix Mendelssohn, The Hebrides Overture, Op. 26
    Felix Mendelssohn, Symphony No. 4 3rd Movement, Op. 90

    Dr. Keith J. Salmon, Conductor
    Additional Thanks
    • Mika and Tamara Kostamo
    • NASA Cassini Imaging Team
    • Cosmos Studios
    • Wayne Lanier
    • NASA Opportunities in Education & Public Outreach for Earth and Space Science Program
    • The NASA New Horizons Mission
    Executive Producer for Honeywell Technology Solutions

    Patrick Kennedy
    Executive Producer for NASA Television GSFC

    Wade Sisler


    Who would have guessed that Jupiter's influence might provoke even the slightest glance at microscopic life here on Earth? Turns out, Jupiter may be one of the reasons life on Earth had a chance to evolve beyond simple forms. (To learn why, you'll have to see the movie!)

    NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center would like to thank Dr. Peter Siver and Connecticut College for gracious permission to use original footage of microscopic life in LARGEST. These pictures show the opposite end of the solar system's size scale! Check out the work of Dr. Siver and his team at
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    Crescent view of Jupiter with word Largest superimposed.
    It’s good to be king.

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