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  • LRO Early Results Press Conference

    09.17.09 - NASA showcased new images from LRO's seven instruments and provided updates about the topography of the moon's south pole during a news conference on Sept. 17, 2009.

  • NASA Satellite Data Show 2009 Antarctic Ozone Hole

    09.16.09 - The annual ozone hole has started developing over the South Pole, and it appears that it will be comparable to ozone depletions over the past decade.

  • Swift's Ultraviolet Portrait of the Andromeda Galaxy

    09.16.09 - In a break from its usual task of searching for distant cosmic explosions, NASA's Swift satellite has acquired the highest-resolution view of a neighboring spiral galaxy ever attained in the ultraviolet.

  • Snapshots From Space Cultivate Fans Among Farmers

    09.16.09 - There is a growing group of Midwest farmers who rely on satellite imagery from Landsat to maximize their harvest and minimize damage to their fields.

  • Kepler and the Search for Life in Our Galaxy

    09.15.09 - We are just beginning to learn about worlds beyond our solar system, so we really don't have a good idea of what the chances are for advanced life in our Galaxy. That's where the Kepler mission comes in.

  • James Webb Space Telescope Begins to Take Shape

    09.15.09 - The Integrated Science Instrument Module structure, a major component of the James Webb Space Telescope, recently arrived for testing at Goddard's Spacecraft Systems Development and Integration Facility.

  • Landsat: A Space Age Water Gauge

    09.14.09 - NASA has released a video illustrating an innovative satellite-based method that maps agricultural water consumption.

  • Satellites Could Help Keep Hungry Populations Fed

    09.15.09 - Few non-scientists have ever heard of "NDVI," but this tool will play a key part in helping us to keep food on the table as future populations swell.

  • NASA Releases Images from Refurbished Hubble

    09.09.09 - NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is back in business after astronauts refurbished it in May. These first snapshots from Hubble showcase the 19-year-old telescope's new vision.

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  • Apollo 12 and Surveyor 3

    09.03.09 - Four months after the success of Apollo 11, NASA launched Apollo 12 in November 1969. Almost exactly 40 years later, LRO has seen the landing site.