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  • SDO Investigates the Sun's Cycle of Highs and Lows

    11.17.09 - The sun is a magnetic variable star that fluctuates on time scales ranging from a fraction of a second to billions of years. SDO will show us the underlying physics of solar variability.

  • Goddard Team Develops New Carriers for Space Station

    11.13.09 - Engineers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. teamed up with engineers at NASA's Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers to design, build, and test five new ExPRESS Logistics Carriers which will be delivered to the International Space Station.

  • NASA Technology Spinoffs Art Contest Winner

    11.13.09 - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is recognizing award-winning artwork honoring NASA Spinoff technology that was used to restore the Statue of Liberty.

  • Goddard Team Develops New Carriers for ISS

    11.13.09 - Goddard Space Flight Center engineers teamed up with the External Payloads Group at Johnson Space Center and the ISS Payload Ground Processing support team at Kennedy Space Center to create the ExPRESS Logistics Carrier (ELC). The ELC is an un-pressurized attached payload rack for the International Space Station (ISS) that provides mounting surfaces, power and command and data handling services for science experiments on the ISS.

  • Popular Science Recognizes LRO in 'Best of What's New'

    11.12.09 - The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is cited as one of the best innovations in aviation in the December issue of Popular Science.

  • New NASA 3-D Video Shows Thunderstorms in Tropical Storm Ida

    11.10.09 - NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission, or TRMM satellite has the ability to provide data that can be made into three-dimensional images.

  • Satellites Tune Into a Middleweight Black Hole

    11.10.09 - Astronomers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center find that an X-ray source in galaxy NGC 5408 represents one of the best cases for a middleweight black hole to date.

  • Observatories Celebrate International Year of Astronomy

    11.10.09 - NASA is unveiling a new view of the turbulent heart of our Milky Way galaxy, as seen by three of the agency's space-based observatories.

  • NASA Nobel Laureate Presents "The Story of the Universe"

    11.10.09 - NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center presents a new interactive feature: “The Story of the Universe,” a video lecture by NASA scientist and 2006 Nobel laureate Dr. John Mather.

  • GOES Offers Real-Time Hurricane Alley Movies

    11.09.09 - Thanks to NASA's GOES Project, individuals can now access real-time satellite data from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.