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Discover Goddard’s exceptional people. "Conversations with Goddard" highlights the amazing things our people do here at Goddard. "Outside Goddard" celebrates the extraordinary things our people do away from Goddard. Both showcase our people and their personal and professional passions.

Scott Glubke brews up some "out of this world" craft beer with his rocket science background.

Read more about Scott Glubke's homebrew hobby

Barbara Scott has gone to where the reality of her job and the fantasy of her dreams have met up--in the Trekkie universe and on DVD.

> Read more about Barbara Scott's big screen experience.

Diamantino Sforza is a gentleman farmer in the Italian tradition competing with his father for the "firsts" of the season.

> Read more about the Gentleman Farmer of Prince George's County

"Whole-brained" Goddard blues band, "Stiff Joints" just like to have fun--and entertain.

> Read more about "Stiff Joints"

To Megan Meehan robots are all about “coopertition:” a cooperative robotic competition bound by the honor system.

> Read more about Meg's robot competition

Music, specifically hip-hop, has given Gudnitz a creative and emotional outlet. His life is balanced, but still has challenges.

> Read more about Richard Gudnitz

There is a little-known law of physics: put three physicists in a basement at night and you get a rock band.

> Read more about ladderShark

Kasha Patel's mission?  Filling the unknown demand of Indian female comics from West Virginia.

> Read more about Kasha Patel's stand-up career

Through humility, focus and hard work, Megan Meehan realized her dream of being a NASA aerospace engineer.

> Read more about Megan Meehan's following her dream

Initially drawn to the sky through the stars, astrophysicist Amber Straughn now flies through it as a private pilot.

> Read more about Amber Straughn's journey to flight

Carlos A. Gomez-Rosa's alter ego cannot sing, dance, play an instrument or even act, but he has shared the spotlight many times with maestro Placido Domingo in numerous operas at the Kennedy Center.

> Read more about Carlos A. Gomez-Rosa aka The Silent Singer

Not everyone’s idea of relaxation is walking around the wilds of South Africa admiring elephants, giraffes and otters, but supervisory contract specialist Eric Newman did just that several times to get to know his father’s South African side of the family.

> Read more about Eric Newman's wonderful walk on the wild side.

Aerospace Engineer John Decker became a re-hired annuitant to devote more time to his other passion – the theater.

> Read more about John Decker's exciting work in the theater.

Project Safety Manager Carol Hamilton has 300 kids. For the past 23 years, she has been helping young kids through SPECTRUM, a free, comprehensive youth development program she cofounded and supports.

> Read more about Carol Hamilton's great work with SPECTRUM

Earth science writer Audrey Haar rehabilitated her middle age+, unsocialized rescue dog by viewing the world through her eyes.

> Read more about Audrey Haar's amazing journey to rehabilitate her own dog

As a mentor for his church’s youth mentoring program for middle school boys, aerospace engineer Howard Branch uses math tricks to make math easy, interesting and even fun.

> Read more about Howard Branch's mentoring program

Adventure traveler Param Nair lives by this rule that “You have one life to live, so make the most of it.”

> Read more about Param Nair's around the world travels

Keenan Bowens plans for success, from being the Junior National Table Tennis Champion and double gold medalist in the Junior Olympics, to achieving goals for IV&V’s programs and offices. 

> Read more about Keenan Bowens' incredible success in table tennis

Systems engineer Theo Bugtong soloed Mt. Fuji in the dark to see the spectacular sunrise above the clouds.

> Read more about Theo Bugtong's ascent up Mt. Fuji

To help his lifelong friend with multiple sclerosis, and now to honor his memory, program specialist Chris Morris devotes his life to MS fundraising, including biking solo across the United States.

> Read more about Chris Morris' incredible journeys

Gehrels and his wife and children are continuing his family's tradition by serving the communities near Goddard.

> Read more about Neil Gehrel's commitment to community
Photo of Urmila Prasad A pioneer of Indian music in our area, web developer Urmila Prasad creates musical waves.

› Read more about Urmila's passion for music.
Photo of Dr. Paul Racette Dr. Paul Racette raises consciousness by bridging how Native Americans and Western scientists view the world.

› Read more about Paul's work with Native Americans.
Photo of David Whiteman with his two daughters. Dr. Dave Whiteman, a physical scientist, was a driving force behind the creation of the Greenbelt Soccer Alliance, an organization that focuses on providing pure recreational, small-sided soccer for children.

› Read more about Dave's soccer start-up.
Scene from a Chris Smith film From the age of ten, TV producer Chris Smith knew that he wanted to work in film.

› Read more about Chris's lifelong passion for film.
John Putman with Phineas and Ferb Disney curmudgeon turned convert, Editor and Writer John Putman raced in the Walt Disney World Marathon to the cheers of his wife and two-year-old daughter.

› Read more about John's run with the world's most famous mouse.
Piers Sellers British-born astronaut and climate scientist Piers Sellers met the Queen while attending an Order of the British Empire investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

› Read more about Piers Sellers meeting with the Queen.
Howard Kea Human resources specialist Dr. Howard Kea builds community spirit through martial arts on the family plan.

› Read more about Howard Kea's passion for martial arts.
Glenn Bock in his search and rescue gear While engineer Glenn Bock’s work at Goddard involves trying to break equipment through rigorous testing, his focus outside Goddard is finding people–dead or alive.

› Read more about Glenn Bock's intriguing search and rescue avocation.
A sample of Chris Gunn's work Gunn feels that he creates his best work when he connects with his subjects through a shared passion--like his for science.

› Read more about Chris Gunn's passion for photography.
Tom Feild and his wife, Geraldine, in Arthur's Pass, New Zealand Thanks to his around-the-world birding vacation, Tom Feild met the rarest bird of all, someone with his same love for nature and travel.

› Read more about Tom Feild's love of travel.
Mindy Deyarmin According to program support manager and cat rescuer Mindy Deyarmin, sometimes you have to think outside the box to get a cat to go inside the box.

› Read more about Mindy Deyarmin's work rescuing cats.
Brian at a training burn at apartment complex in Prince George's County. Engineer and Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad member Brian Roberts is always on duty even in the heat of the night.

› Read more about Brian Roberts' volunteer work as a firefighter.
Photo of Bob Savage Deputy Chief and Electrical Engineer Bob Savage goes on missions, not to Mars, but to Honduras.

› Read more about Bob Savage's humanitarian missions to Honduras.
Oren Sheinman at Logan's Pass Not satisfied to merely cycle through neighborhoods and take in the sights of the suburbs, Goddard engineer Oren Sheinman prefers mountain vistas, primitive campgrounds, and—for some reason—the chance to see a grizzly or two.

› Read more about Oren Sheinman's amazing cycling journey.
Joe Easley on drums. Although he never took a music lesson, engineer and drummer Joe Easley recently returned from a week long reunion tour of Japan with his indie rock band “Dismemberment Plan.

› Read more about Joe Easley's rockin' nerd band.
Rob Garner playing the flugelhorn. Web editor Rob Garner spends his work days hovering over a keyboard but it’s keys of a different type that occupy his off-hours as a musician in the Gamer Symphony Orchestra at the University of Maryland.

› Read more about Rob Garner's passion for gaming music.
Female blue dasher dragonfly Optical Engineer and nature photographer Dr. June Tveekrem considers herself unusual because she has both an analytical and an artistic side which manifests itself in photographing dragonflies.

› Read more about June Tveekram's obsession with dragonflies.
Severine Tournois performing a traditional Indian dance. Not too many French women come to America and discover Indian Classical dance but that is exactly what Severine Tournois did.

› Read more about Tournois' Indian dancing.
New Guinea Singing Dog You may think that your family dogs are wild, but Data Visualizer and Designer Robert Simmon really does live with two wild dogs; one was even born in a zoo!

› Read more about Simmon's "singing" dogs.
Photo of Gene Gottschalk Gene Gottschalk received an aerobatic flying lesson from his wife in 1994. The rest is barrel rolling history.

› Read more about Gene's acrobatic air adventures.
Mansoor Ahmed in his editing suite. Astrophysicist Mansoor Ahmed followed a childhood dream to make "An Error in Judgment."

› Read more about Moonie's directorial debut.
Bob Wingard in his custom made car. Bob Wingard is an adrenaline junkie who has built his own roadster to scratch the itch for speed.

› Read more about Bob's amazing and lucrative hobby.
Paul Cursey was  the Feature Win at the Potomac Speedway in 2008. Mechanical Technician Paul Cursey feels the need for speed.

› Read more about Paul's winning record at the race track.
Dave Martin at work at his anvil Systems Engineer Dave Martin is, to paraphrase Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, our Village Blacksmith.

› Read more about Dave's remarkable blacksmithing skills.
Mark and Kimberly Cascia at their vineyard on Kent Island, MD. Goddard systems engineer and vintner Mark Cascia reaps what he sows on Kent Island and that happens to be some award-winning wines.

› Read more about Mark's award-winning winemaking enterprise.
Mindy Thomas with her duckpin bowling trophy. Goddard Web applications developer Mindy Thomas is also a Women’s National Duckpin Bowling Congress National Champion.

› Read more about Mindy's amazing duckpin bowling championship.
Photo of Marcellus Proctor Associate Branch Head Marcellus Proctor of the Parts, Packaging, and Assembly Technologies Branch in the Applied Engineering Technology Directorate, is a proud member of the Piscataway Conoy Tribe.

› Read more about Marcellus' Native American roots
Jen Poston's farm in Howard County Three years ago, Management Information Specialist Jen Poston joined her boyfriend on his family dairy farm in Glenelg, Maryland.

› Read more about Jen's adventures on the dairy farm.
Photo of Nina Harris Not every Protocol Officer is a triple threat. Nina Harris, however, is a triple threat because, as they say in show business, she can act, sing, and dance.

› Read more about Nina's passion for treading the boards.
Calvin Williams with his disaster aid team after Hurricane Katrina. Calvin Williams saw the disaster aftermath from Tropical Storm Bonnie on the news which spurred him into volunteering to help with the Red Cross.

› Read more about Calvin's volunteer work with the Red Cross for disaster relief
Holly Gilbert volunteers with Voices for Children Holly Gilbert volunteers as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Voices for Children, the state organization responsible for the foster care program for neglected and abused children.

› Read more about Holly's volunteer work as an advocate for children
Dueling spouses, John and Debbie Annen. Goddard Electrical Engineer John Annen and his wife Debbie are passionate about each other and playing music together.

› Read more about these dueling spouses
Photo taken by Bert Pasquale of NASA Bert Pasquale calls his photographic style “life storytelling” because it combines aspects of environmental portraiture, fine art, and photojournalism to tell the story of his subject.

› Read more about how Bert and his photographic journey
Amy Pergosky with her companions Despite the ever-present risk of emotional burnout, systems engineer Amy Pergosky continues to rescue dogs, one dog at a time.

› Read more about how Amy and her BFF's
Brian Campbell bowling Brian Campbell, an Education Specialist, just played the perfect game as a competitive league bowler.

› Read more about how Brian's perfect game
Holly Zell Goddard Web Producer Holly Zell has always loved Halloween and Christmas, so it was natural for her to want to share these “Hollydays” with others.

› Read more about how Holly celebrates her "hollydays"
Maceo Leatherwood Retired Goddard Space Flight Center Art Director Maceo Leatherwood will have the honor and privilege of seeing his lithograph “Mo’Paklahoma,” also known as “Mo’Pak,” in the collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian.

› Read more about Maceo's Smithsonian artistry
Marc Kuchner Goddard astrophysicist Dr. Marc J. Kuchner writes award-winning country songs.

› Read more about Marc's songwriting career
Drake Deming As a boy, Dr. Drake Deming, the Senior Scientist for Extrasolar Planet Studies, had a guitar, but all he really wanted to do was play the banjo.

› Read more about Drake's banjo camp days
Peter Wasilewski NASA geophysicist-turned-artist Peter J. Wasilewski wants people to see the colors of ice.

› Read more about Peter's ice art
Bernie Edwards with Mickey and Minnie Bernie Edwards, a communications engineer for the Constellation Program Office, has always liked all things Disney.

› Read more about Bernie "Mad About the Mouse" Edwards
Gerald Tiqui Gerald Tiqui, an equal opportunity specialist in Goddard’s Equal Opportunity Program Office, is also a Polynesian dancer specializing in the Samoan Fire Knife Dance.

› Read more about Tiki's firedancing
Bill Wrobel runs a marathon in Antarctica For Bill Wrobel, Director of the Wallops Flight Facility, "All of life is an adventure. A marathon is just a running adventure."

› Read more about Goddard's own "Marathon Man"
Dr. Mather at his desk at Goddard with a model of COBE behind him. Insight into the man behind the Nobel Prize, Dr. John C. Mather.

› Read more about Dr. Mather's Nobel experience
Photo of Jaylee Mead Dr. Jaylee Mead and her late husband, Dr. Gilbert Mead, discovered their love for theater through participation in Goddard’s Music and Drama (MAD) productions.

› Read more about Jaylee's love of theater
Bob and Mary Alice Newlyweds Bob Wigand, 85, and Mary Alice, 86, thank Goddard for giving them a common background

› Read more about the happy couple
Denna Lambert and her teammate Denver. Upon her guide dog's retirement, Deena S. Lambert, Disability Programs Manager, hopes to give him a new leash on life.

› Read more about Deena and her faithful companion, Denver
Tim Livengood, at left, stabilizes a plaster-jacketed vertebra while Dr. Alton Dooley trims the excess plaster and burlap from the jacket, in preparation for completing the jacket with more plaster and burlap. Moving his focus from outer space to under the soil, Tim Livengood, a Goddard astrophysicist, journeyed to Wyoming on a dinosaur dig with his daughter, Rachel.

› Read more about Tim's big dig
The camera crew invades. HGTV's "Bang for Your Buck" judged Jonathan Wingerberg's recently renovated home in Baltimore giving him fifteen minutes of fame and an amazing experience.

› Read more about Jonathan's on-screen experience
Mike Weiss gets a shot of a large grouper. Mike Weiss, Exploration Systems Project Manager, developed his hobby of underwater photography into a research tool for NOAA.

› Read more about Mike and his underwater hobby
The proposal offered by Mark Branch to Trena Ferrell. The story of Trena Ferrell, Education Specialist, and Mark Branch, AerospaceEngineer, is of a marriage made at Goddard.

› Read more about the Goddard's fairy tale couple
Greta displays her coursing skills. Although Greta was born in a puppy mill she overcame her rough "childhood" in the loving hands of Rebecca Elliott, a Public Affairs Specialist at Goddard.

› Read more about Rebecca and Greta
Arc Construction by Alan Binstock From his New York roots at the High School for Music and Arts to his career as a sculptor, architect, and NASA Master Planner for Goddard, Alan Binstock remains grounded by his art.

› Read more about artist Alan Binstock
Playing flute for the local children Dr. Patrick Thompson, a Goddard optical engineer, and his wife had the rare experience of a trek to the south base camp of Mt. Everest in 2009.

› Read more about Patrick's trip to Everest

Elizabeth M. Jarrell
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md

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