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Anetra Tucker Ensures Smooth Sailing for the Office of Communications
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Anetra Tucker cruises through her work during the day and later on vacations to exotic ports.

Name: Anetra Tucker
Title: Business Team Assistant, Office of Communications
Formal Job Classification: Program Support Assistant
Organization She Works For: Code 130, Office of Communications, Office of the Director

What is most interesting about your role here at Goddard?

Typically, I compose and post both “Dateline,” our internal employee newsletter, and also our electronic gate signs. I’m one of the first people to know breaking news on Center. It makes me feel involved. It is exciting to let others know what is going on and many have called to thank me. Often, news journalists want to speak with someone in my office on breaking news. I also field phone calls both from employees and the public on many topics. Some people want to get a NASA Goddard poster.

Each year, I am on the committee that organizes Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which is now an annual event. We get to select a speaker and we generally agree who should come. The hard part is thinking up names. All the committee members get to meet the speaker. I have a few autographs; the latest of which are from some of the Tuskegee Airmen, African-American pilots who fought during World War II.

Photo of Anetra TuckerPhoto of Anetra Tucker. Credit: NASA
The most inspiring speaker I have been fortunate enough to meet recently was Julian Bond, the former head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. I’ve read about his civil rights work in history books so to actually meet him made history come alive.

I also work each year with the Celebrate Goddard Day team. We plan a day of activities for our employees, especially our summer interns. I especially like working on the entertainment subcommittees. One of my favorite performers for us was our own Gerald “Tiki” Tiqui who does a very exciting fire dance.

How did you come to Goddard?

I started as a part-time high school student in a clerical position. Goddard’s education programs paid for part of my college education and helped me attend graduate school.

After working here almost 20 years, my advice for new people is to take advantage of networking and mentoring opportunities on Center. I would also tell them to participate in some of the many educational programs offered by Goddard and NASA just like I did.

Is there something surprising about you, your hobbies, interests, or activities outside of work that people do not generally know (like you run ultra marathons or work on a NASCAR pit crew on weekends)?

There is something surprising about me that most people do not know. When I was younger, I wanted to grow up to be either a fashion designer or an actress but neither happened. I just never really pursued either after high school because Goddard offered me a full-time job and I was starting college.

Do you have a favorite way or place to kick back, relax, or have fun?

For fun, I like to go on cruises to the Caribbean with my family and friends which, unfortunately, is not often enough. I love to go on cruises because you get to see new places every day or two and meet new people from lots of cultures. On a cruise, you can visit a lot of places in only a few days.

Something of Note:

In August, Anetra Tucker, through the NASA Honor Awards Program, was awarded the Exceptional Administrative Achievement Award and Medal, and was also awarded by a Group Achievement Award for the 2010 GSFC Summer of Innovation Middle School.

The citation for the Exceptional Administrative Achievement Award reads:

“For exceptional customer focused support and important contributions to making Goddard a better, more inclusive place to work.”

The citation for the Group Achievement Awards reads:

“ For outstanding planning, design, and delivery of high-quality and fun middle school Summer of Innovation educational experience for 800 students.”

Congratulations, Anetra!

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