Road to Mission Success

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Road to Mission Success

Road to Mission SuccessRoad to Mission Success (RTMS) is a Goddard in-house workshop series of six full days (spread over a month) to look at how the Center actually works through in depth discussions with senior leaders and the study of Goddard case studies.

Fall 2016 RTMS Session Schedule:
Workshop 1:  September 13-14, 2016
Workshop 2:  September 27-28, 2016
Workshop 3:  October 11-12, 2016

All registration is done through SATERN.  

Case-based Approach
The best practice for transferring this knowledge is through a case-based approach where the subject matter is drawn from Goddard experiences and is presented by Goddard people familiar with our legacy of successful missions. Most case studies are facilitated in-person by project team members who have lived through the projects being discussed with the workshop participants. 

Leadership Engagement
Sessions are facilitated by senior Goddard and NASA leaders from line management and project management. Sessions focus on how different parts of Goddard all connect to the common themes critical to mission success. 

How to Participate
The series is designed for Goddard civil servants. Participation from all functional areas of the organization is encouraged. Goddard employees may nominate themselves for consideration in an upcoming RTMS through SATERN. Participants are selected by the Directors of to balance the group participation across the center. 

For questions regarding the Road to Mission Success Workshop Series, contact the OCKO at 301 286 5981. 

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