Knowledge Management at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

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Dr. Edward W. Rogers, CKO
Ed RogersEd Rogers has been the Chief Knowledge Officer of the Goddard Space Flight Center since 2003. 
Tel: (301) 286-4467
Email: Edward.W.Rogers@nasa.gov


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Knowledge Management at Goddard

  • Leading Knowledge Management at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

    The Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer (OCKO) is responsible for assuring that the Center operates as a learning organization. It is responsible for policy and guidance on Lessons Learned, Knowledge Management and Learning Practices. The OCKO is led by Dr. Edward W. Rogers, Goddard’s Chief Knowledge Officer.

  • Organizational Silence Event - July 31, 2012

    Speaking Up
    Organizational silence can affect any organization. The effects are hard to detect until something major occurs. Often very subtle characteristics of the organization culture can inadvertently contribute to people not feeling entirely free to speak up. 

​​      Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation (CALIPSO)

  • Case Studies

    The OCKO has developed over 50 case studies to enhance learning at workshops, training, retreats and conferences. Case studies make mission knowledge attractive and engaging by involving people in the decision making process. Visit the Case Study Collection

     Road to Mission Success

  • Goddard's Road to Mission Success (RTMS) Workshops

    A Goddard in-house course of six full days (spread over a month) to look at how the Center actually works through in depth discussions with senior leaders and the study of numerous Goddard case studies. Download the RTMS Brochure for additional information.

  • Pause and Learn (PaL)

    A PaL helps teams and individuals reflect on their experiences and articulate lessons learned. The OCKO helps projects and groups hold PaLs whenneeded. Dowload the PaL Brochure for more details.

  • Knowledge Sharing Workshops

    The Goddard learning culture thrives on opportunities to share and learn from each other. Knowledge Sharing Workshops (KSWs) are primarily focused on project lessons to help the project community share real time in lessons, observations and experiences of other projects.

  • Lessons Learned

    The OCKO is responsible to see that documented lessons learned from Goddard are vetted and appropriately shared with the Agency lessons learned system for broad replication.

Case Study Highlight

sunLessons from the Challenger Launch Decision
This case discusses key aspects of technical communication challenges and decision-making.
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A Catalog of NASA-Related Case Studies

This catalog of NASA-Related Case Studies lists cases from a range of sources, including NASA's APPEL program, NASA/Goddard's Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA's Safety Center, as well as the Harvard Business Review and the Center for Systems Engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology.
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Project Knowledge in the Moment
A short feature in ASK Magazine (November 9, 2012 — Issue 48)
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"All Things KM" @ Goddard
A short feature in Ask the Academy (August 31, 2010 — Vol. 3, Issue 8)
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