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Goddard Fact Sheets

Browse this collection of fact sheets on space and earth sciences at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.Factsheets are available in PDF format The NASA Goddard fact sheets are divided into the following categories:

General Information

Space Science

Earth Science


Document Number/ 
Document Title PDF
FS-2005-5-071-GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center (Updated 2005) PDF Version
FS-2002-2-038-GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center Missions for 2004 - 2006
(Updated 2004)
PDF version
FS-2000-8-001-GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt) Facilities Master Plan PDF version
FS-1999 (01)-003 GSFC NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
The First Forty Years
PDF version


Coqui Dos - Suborbital Rocket 

Coqui Dos - Spanish Version

PDF version

PDF version

FS-2001-03-017-GSFC Robert H. Goddard: American Rocket Pioneer PDF version
FS-1999-06-021-GSFC NASA Sounding Rockets PDF version
FS-2003-2-054N/A Educator Astronauts PDF version
FS-2003-8-059 American Lives Touched by Space -- How NASA Science Benefits Everyone PDF version


Document Number/ 
Document Title PDF
FS-2000-1-011 Space Science at GSFC PDF version
FS-2001-2-016 Gamma Ray Bursts PDF version
FS-2002-11-048 CHIPSat -- Studying the Interstellar Medium PDF version
02-0279 CONTOUR - Looking at the heart of a comet PDF version
FS-2001-09-026-GSFC TIMED - Exploring One of the Atmosphere's Last Frontiers PDF version
FS-2001-05-21-GSFC RHESSI -- Exploring the Most Powerful Explosions in the Solar System PDF version
NP-1997-12-049-GCPS MAP - Project Office fact sheet PDF version
FS-2000-11-012 SAC-C -  is an international cooperative mission to provide multispectral imaging of terrestrial and coastal environments PDF version
FS-2000-7-008-GSFC Cluster II- Earth's Magnetic Field Stands Off the Solar Wind PDF version
FS-2000-09-010 HETE-2  - HETE 2 Will Find Titanic Explosions at the Edge of the Cosmos PDF version
FS-2000-03-002 Hubble Space Telescope - New Advanced Computer PDF version Visit www. nasa.gov/hubble for up-to-date fact sheets.
FS-1998-10-018 EXPLORERS:   Searching the Universe Forty Years Later PDF version
FS-2003-7-058 A Dispatch from Planet Mercury -- The Messenger Mission PDF version
FS-1998-09-022-GSFC SPARTAN - 201-05 To Fly on STS-95 PDF version
FS-1998(01)-002-GSFC SMEX - Small Explorer (SMEX) Program PDF version
FS-1998(01)-001-GSFC TRACE - Transition Region and Coronal Explorer (TRACE)  Exploring the Upper Regions of the Solar Atmosphere PDF version


Document Number/ 
Document Title PDF
FS-2004-6-067 Aura: A Mission Dedicated to the Health of the Earth's Atmosphere PDF version
Lithograph (2000) COSPAS - SARSAT Search and Rescue Litho PDF version
FS-2002-12-049 Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) PDF version
FS-2002-4-042 NOAA-M-Continues Polar Orbiting... PDF version
FS-2001-05-020 GOES Fact Sheet PDF version
FS-1999(03)-004-GSFC LANDSAT 7 PDF version
01-198 June 2001  Solar X-Ray Imager PDF version
FS-2002-12-052  Solar and Radiaton Climate Experiment - SORCE PDF version
FS-2002-12-052 The TIMED Mission: Exploring One of the Atmosphere's Last Frontiers PDF version
FS-2001-02-096 TDRS: The Era of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System PDF version
September 22, 1997 TOMS- Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer/Earth Probe PDF version

The Earth Science Enterprise Series

The Earth Science Enterprise Series of NASA Fact Sheets was produced in an effort to educate the general public on the major issues and natural phenomena that scientists will be studying using data provided by the Earth Observing System. With this data, we hope to gain a greater understanding of how the Earth works as a system.

Document Number/ 
Document Title PDF
FS-1998-10-119-GSFC NASA’S Earth Science Enterprise and the Goddard Space Flight Center PDF version