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GSFC’s Environmental Policy GPD 8500.1
Updated 07.27.12
The Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) missions expand knowledge of the Earth and its environment, the solar system, and the universe. To maintain our nation's leadership in this endeavor, GSFC commits to conducting missions in a manner that promotes environmental stewardship. As an integral part of all mission planning and implementation, GSFC’s environmental policy is to:
a. Consider the neighboring natural environment while executing GSFC’s mission;
b. Comply with applicable Federal, state, and local legislation and regulations, Executive Orders
(EO), NASA policies, and other requirements;
c. Prevent pollution and conserve natural resources;
d. Implement pragmatic and cost effective solutions to environmental problems;
e. Communicate with the GSFC community, our partners, and the public; and
f. Continue to improve our environmental performance through our Environmental
Management System (EMS) including:
(1) Promote awareness through education and training;
(2) Integrate environmentally sustainable best management practices into our daily work activities;
(3) Explore advances in environmental technology; and
(4) Provide a framework for setting objectives and targets.
These commitments enable each of us to do our part for environmental stewardship in our community.