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Warp Drive, When?

Portrait of Marc with Model

About the Model

Conveniently, when a publicity shot was needed for a public presentation of this information, Marc Millis just happened to have a suitable model. For publicity, a Star Trek vehicle would not have been appropriate because people would expect a presentation about Star Trek, and an existing NASA vehicle like the Shuttle wouldn’t have been futuristic enough. As it turns out, Marc is an accomplished model builder with numerous awards and a few published articles and photos. He occasionally designs and builds his own creations out of scrap plastic. The one pictured here is designed to look half-way between today and the first Star Trek Enterprise. Marc built it from LeMenu microwave plates, parts from a space station model, parts from a truck trailer model, etc., and it includes flashing lights.

Here is Marc’s story to accompany the model:

"Originally an experimental craft to test the new "Diametric Induction Drive", the XCC-05 was later sold to a multi-national consortium of asteroid prospectors, and christened the "Earth Space Ship Lewis & Clark." With its new propulsion this ship was able to reach and survey the "Transition Zone" at the extreme boundaries of the Solar System. Fifteen months into its survey mission it transmitted the following message: ‘Long range scans indicate an unidentified ship beyond 175 AU. Definitely a maneuvering ship. Setting course to investigate, will advise.’" It was never heard from again."


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