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Warp Drive, When?

Portrait of MarcMarc Millis

2001, September 7 Marc G. Millis
Aerospace Engineer
NASA Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, OH

Marc has been with NASA’s Glenn Research Center since 1982 after earning a degree in Physics from Georgia Tech. In addition to his more conventional engineering assignments that have included designing guidance displays for aircraft low-gravity trajectories, ion thrusters, monitoring systems for rocket engines, and cryogenic propellant delivery systems, he has researched possibilities for creating propulsion breakthroughs. As a part of this research, he forged collaborations with other researchers across the nation to create the NASA "Breakthrough Propulsion Physics" (BPP) Project. Mr. Millis managed this Project from 1996 through 2001, and has recently stepped down from Project Management to return to conducting research. Mr. Millis is also a graduate of the 1998 International Space University Summer Program. In his free time, he builds, photographs and writes articles on scale models.

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