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  • Damage detectives inspect shuttle on orbit.

    Damage Detectives Inspect Shuttle on Orbit

    09.14.05 - More than 100 cameras offered unprecedented views as Discovery climbed through the atmosphere. But these elaborate camera systems were designed to do more than dazzle home viewers.

  • Student team with NASA Glenn on shuttle experiment called MISSEE.

    Students Team with NASA on Space Experiments

    08.25.05 - Talk about a serious high school experiment! A group of teens is helping NASA study materials on the International Space Station.

  • NASA Glenn helps with the space shuttle door seals.

    Gearing up for a Smooth Landing

    08.17.05 - NASA Glenn's "list man," Pat Dunlap, crossed off a task as Discovery landed safely.

  • Angel Otero at a press conference for NASA's Return to Flight effort.

    An Angel Watches Over

    07.29.05 - As a boy, Angel Otero dreamed of working for NASA. Now, he's helping NASA make Space Shuttles safer.

  • Matt Melis, Charles Camarda

    Shooting for Safety

    07.05.05 - Engineers test Shuttle parts for their ability to withstand hits from debris, such as foam and ice, in the Ballistics Impact Laboratory.

  • space shuttle

    Man With a Mission

    02.09.05 - Kelly Carney is living his dream, and getting humans back into space.

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  • Attention Scanner Radio Listeners

    07.28.05 - Cuyahoga County residents with radio frequency scanners can hear live air-to-ground status reports and mission press briefings. Glenn's Amateur Radio Club is retransmitting the signal for this and all upcoming Shuttle missions.

  • NASA Glenn Contributes to STS-114

    07.11.05 - Through a two-year extensive testing and analysis effort, NASA Glenn researchers have worked to help prepare Discovery for the agency's Return to Flight.

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