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Image of mechanics preparing the ballistics impact gun for testing. Image of an engineer in the Ballistics Impact Laboratory setting up a test. Image of GRC test gears showing wear and fretting damage. Image of LH sub 2 hardware.
High speed images of Wing Lead-edge tests. Image of LH sub 2 cable tray and PAL ramp configuration. Image of LO sub 2 cable tray and PAL ramp configuration. Image of main landing gear door seal.
Schematic of reinforced carbon-carbon. Image of Shuttle main landing gear door positions. Image of the application of a refractory metal sheet
over a mockup of Space Shuttle panel 9. Illustration of the Refractory Metal Wrap.
Image of the Metallic Temperature profile across SS panel 9 during reentry. Image of NASA Glenn's award-winning Seal Team. Image of the GRC gear test facility configured to simulate shuttle actuator dither fatigue phenomenon. Image of Angel Otero showing a model of the Shuttle to a member of the press.