Lori J. Rachul
Media Relations Office

August 25, 2012
RELEASE : 12-045
Statement by Glenn Research Center Director Ray Lugo on the Death of Neil Armstrong
CLEVELAND - The following is a statement by NASA's Glenn Research Center Director Ray Lugo regarding the death of Ohio astronaut Neil Armstrong.

“Our condolences reach out to his wife Carol and surround the entire Armstrong family. The loss of Neil is felt by the entire NASA community and especially by his Ohio-based NASA family at the Glenn Research Center. Neil remains a national treasure; a pioneering astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer and professor; the first man to set foot on the moon. He has helped turn the complexities, challenges and stumbling blocks of space exploration into stepping stones that others have followed and a brilliant trail for the future explorers. His legacy will inspire those who will follow in his footsteps to Dream Big."

Additional information about Armstrong is available on the Web at:


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