Jeannette Owens
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August 17, 2012
RELEASE : 12-042
NASA Glenn Brings the Excitement of Aeronautics and Space Exploration to The Cleveland National Air Show
CLEVELAND -- NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland will share in the excitement of inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers at the Cleveland National Air Show in Cleveland, Sept. 1-3. Visitors will be able to explore technology displays, interactive kiosks and talk with Glenn employees about NASA's missions and research.

The exhibit will feature the popular "Picture Yourself in Space" photo booth, where visitors can receive a free souvenir photo taken as an astronaut; the solar system scale, where a person can find out how much they would weigh on another planet like Mars; interactive kiosks like Lesson of a Widowmaker, where visitors can learn about NASA's advances in a variety of aircraft; the Improving Today's Flight kiosks, where visitors can explore NASA's pioneering research that was done closer to planet Earth and improved today's flight; and information booths, where visitors can obtain free NASA informational material.

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