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Lifeloc Technologies

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May 16, 2012
RELEASE : 12-020
Lifeloc Technologies and NASA Glenn Research Center Sign Space Act Agreement
CLEVELAND - Lifeloc Technologies, Wheat Ridge, Colo., a Colorado manufacturer of professional breath testing equipment (breathalyzers) for domestic and international law enforcement, drug courts, and the transportation and healthcare industries, has entered into a Space Act Agreement with the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, for the development and prototyping of next generation sensing technology. Lifeloc is the first Colorado business to benefit from the recently established economic development focused technology acceleration and transfer partnership between NASA and Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology (CAMT).

Lifeloc Technologies president Barry Knott says, "Our introduction to NASA was facilitated by CAMT and it was clear from the outset that NASA was committed to the discovery and development of commercial opportunities for their vast portfolio of technologies. We couldn't have been more pleased."

"Our core set of capabilities and expertise have a range of applications, including areas of interest to Lifeloc," says Gary Hunter, researcher at NASA Glenn. "We hope to be able to contribute to new technologies that are transformative for commercial applications, but also relevant to potential space applications."

The five-year NASA-CAMT Space Act Agreement accelerates the process of moving new technologies from R&D to commercialization in order to strengthen Colorado's manufacturing industries and contribute to statewide job creation and economic development. CAMT Board of Directors Chair Flo Raitano comments, "The NASA-CAMT Space Act Agreement enables small Colorado manufacturing companies like Lifeloc Technologies to access transformational technologies and advanced R&D from NASA that would otherwise be too costly and difficult for many companies to undertake for themselves. It's yet another way that CAMT brings together resources to support Colorado manufacturing." As part of the NASA-CAMT Space Act Agreement, Joni Richards, a technology transfer and licensing expert from the NASA Kennedy Space Center has been placed with CAMT in Colorado. Richards will help identify promising NASA technologies for transfer and facilitate introductions between NASA and Colorado manufacturers.

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