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December 22, 2011
RELEASE : 11-079
NASA Glenn Employees Receive the Agency's Prestigious Honor Awards
CLEVELAND -- NASA's Glenn Research Center Director Ray Lugo and NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver recognized over 500 Glenn employees for exceptional achievements in science, technology, engineering, leadership, bravery and administrative service at the annual Honor Awards Ceremony held earlier this year.

Below are the recipients, their hometowns and the award citations from the Honor Awards program:

Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Executive in the Senior Executive Service: Anita D. Liang, for sustained superior accomplishment in the conduct of programs of the United States Government and noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in public service.

Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Senior Professional in the Senior Scientific and Professional Corps: Marvin E. Goldstein, Elyria, for sustained superior accomplishment in the conduct of programs of the United States Government and noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in public service.

Outstanding Leadership Medal: Michael L. Meyer, Brunswick, for outstanding leadership and vision in leading world-class research and technology development in electric and chemical propulsion and cryogenic fluid management.

John M. Sankovic, Brecksville, for outstanding leadership of the Space Operations Project Office and developing excellent customer relationships and high-performing teams to accomplish agency missions.

Kathleen E. Schubert, Medina, for outstanding leadership of the Orion Crew and Service Module in forging a sustainable incremental approach for Orion that meets affordability and performance requirements.

Exceptional Achievement Medal: Juan H. Agui, Strongsville, for exceptional scientific and technical contributions to dust filtration research for Exploration Life Support.

Rick J. Bailer, North Royalton, for outstanding and sustained achievements and leadership and commitment to excellence and customer service as Assistant Human Resources Officer.

Robert J. Bruckner, Strongsville, for outstanding contribution toward significantly advancing the state of the art performance of modeling of gas bearings critical to future aerospace propulsion systems.

Carolyn J. Clapper, Strongsville, for sustained exceptional achievement in leading resource integration for the Communications, Navigation, and Networking Reconfigurable Test-bed (CoNNeCT) project, integrating across multiple NASA Centers and prime contractor organizations.

James R. Coy, Berea, for outstanding achievement as the lead engineering technician for Vacuum Facility 16 enabling the continuous operation of the Long Duration Test for more than 5 years.

Janet B. Hurst, Columbia Station, for innovative research on developing processing techniques for synthesis of high temperature nanotubes and fabrication of nanotube-reinforced composites.

Mark D. Kankam, Moreland Hills, for exceptional achievement in the management of NASA Glenn higher educational programs, resulting in significant contributions to Agency STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) objectives.

Robert F. Lallier, Jr. Lakewood, for exceptional initiative and innovation in solving environmental contamination problems at Plum Brook saving $250,000, and improving project schedule by 2 years.

John D. Lekki, LaGrange, for outstanding innovations in optical communications and hyperspectral imaging benefiting NASA, the Department of Defense and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Damian R. Ludwiczak, Medina, for exceptional achievement as the Chief Engineer for the Orion Space Environment Test Facility Project.

Brian J. Motil, Hinckley, for innovations in spacecraft thermal control and pioneering contributions in two-phase liquid-gas flows in packed bed reactors in microgravity environments.

Gene Pinali, Medina, for exceptional achievement and dedication in overseeing the development of a comprehensive Facilities Project Management Database.

Walter Santiago, Avon, for exceptional achievement in the design, development, fabrication, test and on-time delivery of the Constellation Program Portable Equipment Panel.

William A. Sheredy, Strongsville, for exceptional contributions to the International Space Station Program in the management of the Boiling eXperiment Facility demonstrating outstanding project management acumen, perseverance and leadership.

Todd A. Tofil, Brunswick, for exceptional achievement as the Communications, Navigation, and Networking Reconfigurable Test-bed (CoNNeCT) Lead Systems Engineer.

Exceptional Bravery Medal: Arthur L. Brown, Tallassee, Ala., an employee of Knight Protective Service, Inc., for outstanding leadership and courageous service in the public interest by rendering aid to a seriously injured vehicle accident victim.

Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal: Randy R. Bowman, Valley City, for outstanding research and application engineering of critical materials and processes required for the Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator development success.

Bryan Fraser, Parma Heights, for exceptional leadership, innovative engineering and exemplary collaboration with Kennedy Space Center and industry in the development of Constellation's Vehicle Motion Simulator.

Dzu K. Le, Westlake, for exceptional engineering achievement in control dynamic analysis.

Nelson Morales, Lakewood, for dedication and outstanding accomplishments toward the successful development of the NASA space exploration programs.

Exceptional Public Service Medal: Kevin M. Lambert, North Royalton, an employee of QinetiQ North America, Inc., for outstanding contributions to radio frequency antenna metrology and electromagnetic characterization of materials in support of NASA's aerospace communications needs.

Patricia E. Oleksiak, Avon Lake, an employee of Singleton Health Services, LLC, for demonstrating exceptional dedication, commitment and professionalism in providing occupational health services resulting in improved worker safety and health.

Euy-Sik (Eugene) E. Shin, Strongsville, an employee of Ohio Aerospace Institute, for significant contributions and dedication to the development and application of polymeric materials in aeronautics, science and exploration applications.

Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal: Rafat R. Ansari, Avon, for exceptional success in the early detection of cataracts to improve long-term public and astronaut health.

Exceptional Service Medal: Kul B. Bhasin, Rocky River, for exceptional service leading communications architectures, technologies and systems for current and future NASA missions.

Saundra R. Gage, Elyria, for dedicated service, technical skills and judgment in providing excellent procurement services and support to NASA Glenn Research Center's Grants Programs.

Sanjay Garg, Westlake, for exceptional technical expertise and leadership in developing advanced propulsion controls concepts and advocating integration into major NASA aerospace programs.

Gary E. Gorecki, Hinckley, for exceptional technical leadership and tireless service as Glenn Research Center's electronics engineering technician expert in space flight avionics development.

Kurt J. Hack, Grafton, for demonstrated technical expertise and outstanding leadership in vehicle and mission concept definition, systems engineering and systems analysis for NASA programs.

Brenda S. Henderson, Berlin Heights, for outstanding technical contributions in the field of jet noise.

Christopher E. Hughes, Avon Lake, for outstanding technical contributions to the development of turbofan technology.

Bradley A. Lerch, Oberlin, for outstanding contributions toward understanding properties of advanced materials and championing the Lean Six Sigma process for improving efficiency of research laboratories.

Jerri S. Ling, Willowick, for exceptional dedication and technical excellence in developing an integrated approach to reducing Glenn's space flight project risk by implementing effective Safety and Mission Assurance Tech Authority.

Reinhold Mohr, Solon, for sustained, exceptional service and meritorious leadership furthering Glenn's security program, resulting in a safer and more secure workplace.

Denise L. Ryant, Brunswick, for outstanding performance as a Management Support Assistant as demonstrated by dedication, strong customer focus and extraordinary level of accomplishment.

John F. Schubert, Medina, for exceptional technical leadership and service in leading high performance teams and operations of unique space test facilities to achieve NASA missions.

James F. Soeder, Independence, for exceptional contributions to the development of advanced space power systems at Glenn and across the Agency.

Karen J. Weiland, Olmsted Falls, for exceptional service as a Project Scientist and Lead Systems Engineer ensuring success in the NASA Manned Space Flight Program.

John E. Zuzek, Olmsted Falls, for exceptional service in securing critical electromagnetic spectrum allocations and ensuring communications support for current and future NASA space missions.

Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal: Ronald D. Noebe, Medina, for outstanding research and leadership in pioneering high-temperature shape memory alloy systems and successes in transferring knowledge and technology to U.S. industry.

Gary D. Roberts, Wadsworth, for outstanding contributions to the development and demonstration of lightweight composite fan containment and the successful technology transfer to industry.

Senior Executive Service Appointments: Therese M. Griebel, LaGrange, was appointed to the position of Chief, Avionics and Electrical Systems Division.

Richard T. Manella, Westlake, was appointed to the position of Chief, Chief Engineer Office.

Fifty-Year Service Award: Louis A. Povinelli, Westlake

Forty-five Year Service Award: Hugh M. McLaughlin, Fairview Park

Forty-Year Service Awards:
Dennis C. Conrad, North Ridgeville
Jeffrey E. Haas, Berea
Sell James Jr., Cleveland
George M. Kanya Jr., Hinckley, (Retired)
Martin E. Mayer, Bay Village

Group Achievement Awards: Fifty-six members of the Ares I Upper Stage Thrust Vector Control (TVC) 2 Axis Team, for excellence in the design, development, integration and test of the Ares I Upper Stage TVC system engineering model and 2-axis dynamic force simulator.

Eleven members of the Commercial Modular Aero-Propulsion System Simulation Development 40k Simulation Development Team, for development of a realistic, user-friendly, generic aircraft engine transient simulation which is a valuable tool to advance propulsion control and diagnostics research.

Nine members of the Full-Scale Radiator Demonstration Unit Test Team, for outstanding advancement of space heat rejection technology through the successful testing of a full-scale titanium-water radiator in a simulated operational environment.

Seven members of Glenn and the Navel Research Laboratory, Materials on the International Space Station Experiment 7 Spaceflight Active Experiments Team, for the development, deployment on station, and successful operation of the open architecture communications interface system used by industry, NRL and NASA active experiments.

Eleven members of the Glenn Research Center Network Upgrade Team, for outstanding contribution to the modernization of Glenn's Communications Network.

Twelve members of the Glenn Research Center NASA Form (NF) 533 Financial Analysis Team, for outstanding performance in indentifying strategies to improve NF 533 Cost Analysis/Monitoring and to streamline the contract authorization/funding process at Glenn.

Eight members of the Integrated Medical Model-External Module Team, for exceptional success in developing a methodology for quantifying the probability of rare medical events in astronauts.

Seventy-six members of the Large-Scale Low-Boom Inlet Model and Test Team, for outstanding team effort in the successful completion of the 8x6-ft Supersonic Wind Tunnel testing of a large-scale low-boom supersonic inlet.

One hundred four members of the Liquid Oxygen/Liquid Methane Rocket Engine Team, for exceptional achievements in the development of liquid oxygen and liquid methane rocket engines which define a path to enabling critical future space flight systems.

Nineteen members of NASA's Evolutionary Xenon Test (NEXT) Long Duration Test Team, for highly successful validation, through test and modeling, that the NEXT ion propulsion thruster technology exceeds the project goals for life and propellant throughput.

Thirty members of the National Space Biomedical Research Institute Monitoring Bone Health Study Team, for outstanding and significant contributions to NASA in the development of a unique ground-based human research test capability for exercise countermeasures development.

Sixty-four members of the NASA Safety Center Audits and Assessments Team, for outstanding leadership in the development and execution of improvements to the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance/NSC audit processes and the conduct of the annual Audit and Assessment Workshops.

Sixty-four members of the Open Rotor Low Speed Wind Tunnel Test Team, for planning and superb technical execution of a seminal wind tunnel test campaign for assessing modern open rotor propulsion designs.

Four members of the Process Development Group, for creation of Center-level processes to meet NASA Procedural Requirements for flight hardware development.

Thirteen members of the Revolutionary Turbine Accelerator (RTA) Fan Research Team, for outstanding contributions to NASA and Glenn Research Center in the testing, analysis and validation of high Mach number RTA fan operation over a wide operating envelope.


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