Jeannette Owens
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July 22, 2011
RELEASE : 11-050
NASA Glenn Brings the Excitement of Aeronautics and Space Exploration to the Ohio State Fair
CLEVELAND -- NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland will share in the action at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio, July 27- Aug. 7.

Visitors coming to Glenn's exhibit area will be able to walk through NASA's Journey to Tomorrow traveling exhibit, participate in hands-on educational activities and talk with Glenn employees.

Journey to Tomorrow is housed in a 53-foot trailer and contains eight interactive kiosks that allow participants to learn about the history and challenges of air and space exploration. The exhibit is wheelchair accessible.

Interesting features include a solar system scale, where visitors can find out how much they would weigh during a rocket launch, in space, or on another planet; a simulator, in which a person can take the controls of a lunar landing craft; and a "Dynamic Planet," where a person can designate a rotating sphere to be Earth, Mars, or any planet, control its speed and see interesting facts about the selected planet with a simple touch of a finger.

Also available will be the popular "Picture Yourself in Space" photo booth, where visitors can receive a free souvenir photo taken as an astronaut; a 30-foot inflatable space shuttle; and free NASA educational material.

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