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July 5, 2011
RELEASE : 11-046
NASA Exploration Experience Exhibit and Agency Air Show Exhibit at Academy of Model Aeronautics 75th Anniversary Event
CLEVELAND -- Visitors will be propelled into a 3D journey across the solar system when they step inside the "NASA Exploration Experience" at the Academy of Model Aeronautics 75th Anniversary event in Muncie, Ind. July 14-17. The exhibit demonstrates the countless rewards made possible back on Earth by NASA's 50+ years of science, discovery and technology development.

The traveling exhibit, which uses 3D imagery and the latest interactive video technology to immerse visitors in the experience, will be located on the grounds of the International Aeromodeling Center-Site 4 at 5161 E. Memorial Drive in Muncie, Ind. The NASA exhibit will be open to the public Thursday July 14 to Sunday July 17 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The exhibit is air-conditioned and wheelchair accessible.

Alongside the NASA Exploration trailer will be the NASA Aeronautics tent with backdrop panels highlighting the agency's work in green aviation. Among items on display will be scale aircraft models, a video highlighting current aeronautics projects and free informational handouts.

"We hope visitors to the NASA Exploration Experience will be excited and astonished by the impact of space exploration on their everyday lives," said Rocky Lind, communications manager at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "In the past five decades, NASA research and development has resulted in more than 2,000 breakthrough tools and technologies. These contributions are everywhere, in every walk of human life - from medicine and surgical procedures, to transportation systems and basic food safety and public safety solutions."

In addition to highlighting many of these innovations, the "NASA Exploration Experience" 3D movie presentation demonstrates the physiological and technical challenges involved in sending human explorers on extended journeys to Earth orbit and beyond.

Visitors will also see how NASA and its government, industry and academic partners around the world are developing robust science missions to new worlds and new destinations, and building next-generation launch vehicles to extend humanity's reach across the solar system. This cinematic experience, narrated by Peter Cullen - the voice of "Optimus Prime" from the popular "Transformers" movies and cartoons - ponders the thirst for understanding that drives human voyages of discovery, and offers breathtaking glimpses into a busy future in space.

Former NASA astronaut Robert L. "Hoot" Gibson will be in the NASA exhibit area signing autographs at select times.

The exhibit will feature a moon rock that was retrieved by astronaut Jack Schmitt during the Apollo 17 mission. It is one of eight lunar samples made available for the public to touch.

NASA employees will be on hand to answer questions and discuss how America's space exploration activities continue to refine existing technologies and contribute new breakthroughs in areas such as power generation, computer technology, communications, networking and robotics.

Visitors can take away unique souvenirs of their NASA experience. They can step into a Mark III spacesuit and take a photo of themselves in astronaut gear, by a cutout figures of pilots wearing high-altitude suits, or on the moon or Mars with their own camera.

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