Lori J. Rachul
NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland

November 17, 2008
RELEASE : 08-059
NASA Glenn to Test Outdoor Emergency Warning System
CLEVELAND -- NASA's Glenn Research Center will conduct a test of the new outdoor mass notification and public address system at Lewis Field on Tuesday, Nov. 18. The testing will be from 1 - 2 p.m. and will include a low-volume tone as well as a pre-recorded voice message. The sirens will not be activated. While the warning system is meant to alert center employees in the event of an emergency, the sound may also be audible in the neighborhoods surrounding the center.

In the event of an actual emergency the siren tones and voice notification announcements will be used to alert the center employees; a loudspeaker message giving information and instruction on how to respond will follow. The new mass notification system will be used in the future to warn employees and visitors of severe weather, workplace incidents and emergencies.


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