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Katherine K. Martin
Media Relations Office

August 2, 2007
RELEASE : 07-025
Glenn Recognizes Top Employees at Honor Awards Ceremony
Cleveland--Employees at NASA's Glenn Research Center were recently honored by receiving the agency's most prestigious medals and awards. Presenting this year's awards was Christyl Johnson, Assistant Associate Administrator in the Office of the Administrator at NASA Headquarters. Johnson, whose responsibilities include assisting in the oversight of the agency's technical mission areas and field center operations, also spoke at the ceremony.

The following people were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the work of NASA and Glenn in achieving excellence in science, engineering and administrative service:

Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Executive in the Senior Executive Service
Vernon W. Wessel, Cuyahoga Falls, for sustained extraordinary accomplishment in management of programs of the United States Government and for leadership exemplifying the highest standards of service to the public, reflecting credit on the career civil service.

Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Executive in the Senior Executive Service
Olga D. Gonzalez-Sanabria, Strongsville, for sustained superior accomplishment in management of programs of the United States Government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service.

Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Senior Professional
Isaiah M. Blankson, Solon, for sustained superior accomplishment in the conduct of programs of the United States Government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service.

Outstanding Leadership Medal
Bruce Banks, Olmsted Falls, for outstanding leadership and exemplary service to NASA and its customers.
Mary C. Lester, Westlake, for outstanding leadership in all areas of the Logistics and Technical Information Division activities and in support of the Center's focus on safety.

Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal
Pappu L. Murthy, North Olmsted, for outstanding contributions toward development of novel structural analysis tools for components using advanced composite materials.

Exceptional Administrative Achievement Medal
Myrtle L. Collins, North Ridgeville, for outstanding administrative support of the Office of the Director and NASA Glenn Research Center.
Linda Srneck, Bay Village, for dedication and excellence in providing secretarial support to the engineers and support personnel.

Exceptional Achievement Medal
Vincent Bilardo, Bay Village, for achievements in the formulation and advocacy of NASA Government-led design and development of the Ares I Upper Stage to enable the Ares I ascent development flight test.
Nola L. Bland, Oberlin, for exceptional performance in the implementation of the new Agency Learning Management System, SATERN, at Glenn and contribution to the Agency implementation team.
Benjamin B. Choi, Broadview Heights, for outstanding contributions in pioneering research in self-levitated high-power-density motors for the Nation's future aerospace missions.
Charles Lawrence, Shaker Heights, for developing and commercializing an engine-airframe structural simulation code for steady state and transient conditions that is being used by NASA, Boeing, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and others.
Quang-Viet Nguyen, Richmond Heights, for innovations in optical diagnostics significantly contributing to fundamental/applied combustion research that advances NASA's aerospace technology leadership.
Sai V. Raj, Strongsville, for understanding life-limiting material properties, developing advance performing materials and demonstrating the viability of new engineering concepts for aerospace propulsion.
George C. Soulas, Avon, for extraordinary contributions to the development and transfer to industry of next-generation ion propulsion thruster technology.

Exceptional Service Medal
Bernadette M. Baldwin, Brunswick, for exceptional leadership, professionalism and dedication in providing legal services to Glenn.
Kevin P. Coleman, North Olmsted, for exceptional service in records, forms and history program development and management.
Joyce A. Dever, Westlake, for exceptional service in providing technical excellence and fostering effective collaborations vital to mission success.
Gene Fujikawa, Sagamore Hills, for outstanding technical and management leadership in digital communications for advancing space missions.
Frank J. Greco, Burbank, for sustained leadership in advancing the Agency's safety and mission assurance engineering discipline.
Michael A. Heryak, Cleveland, for exceptional contributions and success in developing customer-focused networking and communications services for NASA.
Dale A. Hopkins, Medina, for exemplary leadership in providing breakthrough technologies for jet engine fan cases/containment systems and engine blade-out failure event simulation.
Avis V. Hudson, Cleveland, for knowledge, dedication and outstanding leadership skills that have significantly contributed to Glenn's visibility in local, regional and national outreach efforts.
James E. Hunter, North Olmsted, for significant and sustained impact to many important NASA programs.
Felix A. Miranda, Olmsted Falls, for outstanding technical and managerial leadership in Antenna and Microwave Technologies for Space Communication.
Elizabeth J. Opila, Lakewood, for outstanding accomplishments in the area of high-temperature degradation and durability of advanced ceramic material and its successful impact on aeronautics and space efforts.
Timothy C. Pierce, Richmond Heights, for dedicated service, technical skills and judgment in providing excellent procurement services to NASA programs and Glenn.
David A. Sagerser, Independence, for significant and sustained performance within NASA's Advanced Aircraft Program and exceptional ingenuity in building successful collaborative relationships with the Department of Defense.
Kathleen E. Schubert, Medina, for exceptional abilities and accomplishments in integrating flight project activities at Glenn.
Tony D. Shook, North Royalton, for sustained engineering excellence and exceptional contributions to Glenn's in-house turbine engine noise-reduction projects.
David L. Urban, Shaker Heights, for outstanding technical and managerial leadership that has enabled significant enhancements to combustion science and fire safety in microgravity environments.
Lynne M. Wiersma, Westlake, for many years of exceptional support to the Center's program and project organizations.
Mary V. Zeller, Rocky River, for outstanding technical and outreach excellence as a successful manager and steward for the Agency.

Equal Employment Opportunity Medal
Jih-Fen Lei, Westlake, for exemplary commitment to and support of Glenn's equal opportunity programs and goals through mentoring, coaching and advocacy.
Frank Robinson, Strongsville, for exemplary commitment to and support of Glenn's equal opportunity programs and goals.

Senior Executive Service Appointments
Thomas Hartline, Olmsted Falls, to the position of Director, Safety and Mission Assurance, effective May 13, 2007.
William R. Humphries, Avon, to the position of Deputy Director of Programs and Projects, effective October 1, 2006.
Robert W. Moorehead, for reinstatement to the position of Director, Space Flight Systems, effective March 4, 2007.
George R. Schmidt, Westlake, to the position of Deputy Director, Research and Technology Directorate, effective March 18, 2007.
David L. Stringer, Berea, to the position of Plum Brook Station Manager, effective February 18, 2007.

Senior Scientific and Professional Corps Appointment
Bruce M. Steinetz, Westlake, to the position of Senior Research Aerospace Engineer, effective August 6, 2006.

Distinguished Publication Award
Kelly S. Carney, Grafton, in recognition of his role in developing a new model for predicting high velocity ice impact that benefits the flight safety of the space shuttle and commercial aviation, described in the publication entitled, "A Phenomenological High Strain Rate Model with Failure for Ice."

Diversity Leadership Award
Joseph Connolly, Ohio City, Avis Hudson, Cleveland, James B. Jackson, Fairview Park, Jeremy John, Strongsville, Mark Manthey, Hinckley, Raquel Redhouse, Parma Heights, George Harpster, North Olmsted, Denise Busch, Olmsted Township, members of The Native American Advisory Council, in recognition of collective efforts to increase the representation and increase the understanding of Native Americans and their culture, by contributing significantly to the valuing and affirming of diversity among the Center's workforce.

Fifty Year Service Awards
Robert C. Hendricks, North Olmsted
David M. Herb, retired, Elyria
Erwin V. Zaretsky

Forty-five Year Service Awards
Clifford H. Arth, North Olmsted
Ernest Bertone II, Broadview Heights
Ihor Kramarchuk, Brunswick
John J. Svoboda, Sharon Township
Roy C. Tew, Jr., North Olmsted

Forty Year Service Awards
Robert C. Anderson, Parma
Elmer C. Bartels, Huron
Leo A. Burkardt, Strongsville
Robert L. Cataldo, Rocky River
Christos C. Chamis, Westlake
Daniel D. Chrulski, retired, Elyria
John W. Gaff, retired, Blaine, WA
Marvin E. Goldstein, Elyria
Hugh R. Gray, North Olmsted
Albert L. Johns, Berea
Robert S. Mattingly, Chatham
Jeffrey H. Miles, Beachwood
Thomas C. Murray, Brunswick
Edward J. Pluta, retired, Medina
Stephen M. Riddlebaugh, Fairview Park
John E. Rohde, retired, Brunswick
David A. Sagerser, Independence
Lawrence J. Schroeder, Jr., North Ridgeville
Ronald L. Shaw, retired, Spencer
Carl L. Silski, North Ridgeville
Wendell White, Lorain
Richard P. Woodward, Parma

Group Achievement Awards
Six members of the Chief Information Office Collaborative Tools Team, for contributions in increasing productivity, improving product quality and saving costs across the Agency through consulting and adoption support of collaboration tools.

Twenty-one members of the Great Lakes Environmental Science Mission Team, for significant NASA/NOAA team performance to develop an advanced mobile sensor platform for first-of-a-kind hyperspectral imaging of environmental phenomena in the Great Lakes.

Twenty-two members of the Low Power SOICMOS Transceiver Team, for the development of Low Power, Silicon-On-Insulator Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Transceiver Technology in support of NASA planetary robotic missions.

Thirty-five members of the NASA Glenn Surface Mobility Team, for innovative technical and programmatic solutions and exceptional partnering approaches for the development of the next generation of planetary exploration mobility systems.

Thirty-three members of the NEXT Thruster Development Team, for the highly successful design, fabrication and testing of NEXT ion propulsion thruster technology.

Forty-eight members of the Service Module Collaborative Concept Team, for successfully demonstrating independent, Government-led design activities for the Crew Exploration Vehicle Service Module through an inter-center collaborative design team.


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