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Lori J. Rachul
Media Relations Office

September 15, 2006
NASA's Glenn Research Center to Sponsor Industry Day
Media representatives are invited to attend NASA's Glenn Research Center Industry Day-Small Business Forum on Thursday, September 21 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at OAI, located at 22800 Cedar Point Road, Brook Park, Ohio.

Industry Day will offer information to business leaders, industry representatives and vendors interested in learning more about NASA's new Constellation Program and some of the procurement opportunities that may be originating from Glenn. Constellation is developing spacecraft for a new generation of explorers who will return to the moon and later go to Mars and beyond.

During the morning, NASA representatives will provide a general overview of NASA's Constellation Program; the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle; the Ares project, including the Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle, the Ares I-1 test flight, and some advanced development work Glenn is doing for Ares. Planned facility upgrades at NASA Glenn's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio, also will be discussed. Breakout sessions scheduled for the afternoon will provide more in-depth technical and acquisition strategy information, as well an opportunity to address questions and comments from attendees.

The event will begin with a short ceremony recognizing minority and women-owned businesses that have made outstanding contributions to NASA's mission in the technical arena. In addition, NASA will recognize three Glenn civil service employees for their outstanding technical accomplishments and advocacy in support of minority-owned businesses. The awards ceremony is being held in conjunction with Minority Enterprise Development Week.

Media representatives interested in covering this event should contact Lori Rachul at 216-433-8806 or the Media Relations Office at 216-433-2901 no later than Tuesday, September 19.

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