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Katherine K. Martin
Media Relations Office

July 19, 2006
RELEASE : 06-037
Glenn Recognizes Top Employees at Honor Awards Ceremony
NASA's Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, presented its most prestigious medals and awards to its workforce yesterday. Astronaut Charles Camarda joined Glenn Center Director Dr. Woodrow Whitlow to present the awards at the annual Honor Awards ceremony.

The following people were recognized for outstanding contributions in helping NASA and Glenn achieve its goals of excellence in science, engineering and administrative service:

Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Executive
John M. Hairston, Cleveland, for sustained accomplishment in management of programs of the United States Government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service. Meritorious Executive in the Senior Executive Service.
John W. Sikora, North Ridgeville, for sustained accomplishment in management of programs of the United States Government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service. Meritorious Executive in the Senior Executive Service.
Anthony J. Strazisar, Chesterland, for sustained accomplishment in management of programs of the United States Government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service. Meritorious Executive in the Senior Scientific and Professional Service.

Outstanding Leadership Medal
Dallas Lauderdale, Solon, for outstanding leadership as a steward for a safe and effective infrastructure in support of the research mission of Glenn.
Stephen N. Simons, Medina, for excellent leadership of space flight projects, development of space flight project managers and maintenance of the space flight culture at Glenn, which have positioned Glenn for the capture of new flight projects.

Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal
John W. Slater, Westlake, for outstanding work in supersonic inlet design and analysis and for contributions to the continuing distribution and application of a primary U.S. flow solver code.

Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal
Richard A. Blech, Strongsville, retired, for outstanding contributions to the early demonstration of advanced computational technologies that have reduced aerospace simulation and design time while improving the quality of results.

Exceptional Achievement Medal
Milind A. Bakhle, Westlake, for exceptional contributions to research in propulsion aeroelasticity that have led to computational methods in aeroelasticity and computer codes to model turbomachinery blade flutter and forced response vibrations.
Gerald V. Brown, Lakewood, for research and technology contributions beyond previous disciplinary limits of structures, electromagnetics and cryogenics.
William D. Ivancic, Westlake, for outstanding contributions by performing pioneering research in secure mobile networking technologies that have influenced the development of revolutionary space and aeronautical communications architectures.
Lee S. Mason, North Royalton, in recognition of achievements in developing nuclear power system concepts and design tools for future NASA missions.
Laura Maynard-Nelson, Grafton, for exemplary contributions to the development and implementation of flight software for microgravity science experiments and to the advancement of software engineering within NASA.
Mark E. McNelis, Strongsville, for sustained engineering excellence and leadership in providing structural dynamic expertise to Glenn's space flight experiments programs.
Sandi G. Miller, Northfield, for outstanding contributions to the development of advanced power and propulsion materials, in particular, polymer-clay nanocomposites.
Richard L. Patterson, South Euclid, for improving reliability and reducing cost of NASA missions by developing new electronics that will operate in the very cold environment of deep space.
Frank J. Ritzert, Brunswick Hills, for leading the development of the metallic overwrap concept for on-orbit repair of space shuttle orbiter wing leading edges.

Exceptional Service Medal
Raymond F. Beach, North Olmsted, for exceptional service in the advocacy and development of aerospace flywheel technology.
Robert J. Boyle, Rocky River, for significant and sustained contributions in turbine heat transfer measurement, analysis and modeling, leading to improved understanding and accuracy.
Renato O. Colantonio, Brunswick, for significant and sustained performance in partnership development and project management towards the successful advancement and transfer of NASA aerospace technologies.
Daniel L. Dietrich, Westlake, for sustained leadership in microgravity combustion, bioscience and spacecraft fire suppression.
Michael A. Ernst, Bay Village, for exceptional and sustained engineering design and modification activities for NASA aircraft, resulting in higher levels of flight safety and significant dollar savings.
John A. Hamley, Brunswick, for exceptional engineering, management and leadership service across many organizations at Glenn.
Earl R. Hanes, Jr., Middleburg Heights, for outstanding contributions toward establishing world-class laboratory facilities for advanced ceramic materials research at Glenn.
James C. Johnston, Euclid, for outstanding contributions to the development of advanced materials through the application of advanced spectroscopic techniques and computer science.
Gary A. Klann, Strongsville, Vehicle Technology Directorate (Army), for outstanding service in managing the nation's premier propulsion wind tunnels and aeronautics engine systems ground test facilities at Glenn.
Bruce A. Manners, formerly of Glenn, for innovation and service in developing and guiding NASA's space power projects.
Michelle A. Manzo, Cleveland, for sustained accomplishments in advancing the state of the art of energy storage system technologies for aerospace applications.
Nancy B. McNelis, Strongsville, for sustained excellence in engineering and project management in aerospace programs.
Angel M. Otero, Elyria, for outstanding program and project management and managerial leadership in enabling the success of major Glenn spaceflight programs and projects.
Ann P. Over, Middleburg Heights, for outstanding service to NASA in enabling exploration research through space experiments and technology development by innovative project management.
Lori J. Rachul, Rocky River, for outstanding contributions in the development and implementation of media campaigns to promote NASA, Glenn, its people, projects and programs.
Benjamin Rodriguez, Middleburg Heights, for exceptional sustained performance in support of the research and development labs, demonstrating a high commitment to technical achievement, employee development, safety and organizational excellence.
Donald J. Roth, Rocky River, for exceptional contributions in research and leadership of internationally recognized teams of experts in the field of nondestructive evaluation.
Herbert W. Schilling, Parma, for exemplary contributions to software engineering projects and outstanding efforts to inspire young minds.
George L. Stefko, Westlake, for outstanding and innovative leadership of the Research and Technology Directorate branches and technical contributions over the past 25 years.
Linda L. Yavoich, North Ridgeville, for exceptional administrative leadership, professionalism and dedication that have significantly contributed to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Public Service Medal
Barbara L. Kakiris, Cleveland, an employee of Analex Corporation, for unprecedented and outstanding contributions toward the marketing and outreach of NASA's people, programs and facilities.

Senior Executive Service Appointment
Rickey J. Shyne, Strongsville, for over 21 years experience as a researcher, project manager and manager of research and institutional organizations with extensive experience in computational and experimental research for aeronautics and space propulsion systems.

Distinguished Publication Award
Dr. Edmane Envia, Brunswick, and Dr. Rajagounder M. Nallasamy, Strongsville, formerly of QSS Group, Inc. in recognition of advancing the capability to predict fan broadband noise generated by modern turbofan aircraft engines in their publication entitled "Computation of Rotor Wake Turbulence Noise."

Diversity Leadership Award
Frank Robinson, Jr., Strongsville, in recognition of significant contributions that encourage, promote and practice diversity in support of achieving an inclusive environment.

One NASA Center Best Peer Award
Twenty-three members of the NASA Ballistic Impact Test Team, for the impact made to fly the space shuttle as safely as possible.

Procurement Supervisor of the Year Award
Bradley J. Baker, North Ridgeville, in recognition of contributions to and outstanding support of NASA's space program and the Office of Procurement.

Forty Year Service Awards
Bruce A. Banks, Olmsted Township
William K. Coho, Vermilion
James L. Dolce, Lakewood
Julian M. Earls, retired, Beachwood
David P. Fleming, North Olmsted
Ernest R. Flower, Jr., Berea
Robert J. Freedman, Columbia Station
John B. Haggard, Jr., Rocky River
Pamela Kotlenz, Lakewood
Hugh M. McLaughlin, Fairview Park
John A. Mihevic, Litchfield
Stephen V. Pepper, Cleveland Heights
John P. Riehl, Strongsville
Vincent J. Scullin, Westlake
Richard C. Spangle, Litchfield
Charles M. Spuckler, Westlake
Adele C. Szuhai, Strongsville
Sherrill K. White, Elyria

Group Achievement Awards
Twenty-seven members of the GRC Aviation Safety Team, for significant and sustained NASA Glenn Research Center team performance in support and completion of the first phase of NASA's aviation safety program.

Seven members of the Large Aperture Inflatable Antennas Working Group, for outstanding contributions to the coordination, development and demonstration of large aperture inflatable antennas for high-data-rate space- and ground-based NASA communications.

Six members of the NASA/Industry Conservation Element/Solution Element (CE/SE) Method Development Team, in recognition of the development of the Conservation Element and Solution Element (CE/SE) Method, a revolutionary new capability for computational aeroacoustics.

Twelve members of the Composite Fan Engine Containment Systems Team, for outstanding contributions to the development of affordable, lightweight and durable composite fan engine containment systems.

Twenty-two members of the Distance Learning Team, for technical achievement, excellence and innovation in broadcast technology and programming.

Thirteen members of the Engine Aeroelastic Analysis Team, for the exceptional effort in developing and validating a computer code for the high-fidelity modeling of aeroelastic vibrations in turbomachinery of propulsion systems.

Seven members of the Ka-Band High-Power High-Efficiency Space Amplifier Team, for exemplary performance in solving the many technical problems associated with the development of a Ka-Band high-power, high-efficiency amplifier technology for deep-space communications.

Six members of the Forward Technology Solar Cell Experiment Electronics Design Team, in recognition of significant contributions to the successful completion of the Forward Technology Solar Cell Experiment, part of the MISSE5 package on the International Space Station.

Four members of the GRC Structural Seals Team, for exceptional team effort in providing critical technical and experimental support to engineers from the Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers in the investigation and resolution of space shuttle main landing gear door seal problems.

Nine members of the Student Support Team, for exceptional performance and contributions, impacting students across the nation and inspiring the next generation of explorers.

Fifteen members of the Low-Conductivity Thermal Barrier Coatings/High Heat Flux Laser-Based Testing Rigs Research and Development Team, for exceptional success developing unique thermal gradient test capabilities and a new class of thermal barrier coatings for higher operating temperature turbine engine components.


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