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Sally Harrington
Media Relations Office

June 5, 2006
RELEASE : 06-029
NASA Glenn Assigned Vision for Space Exploration Work
Employees at NASA's Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, learned today the role they will play in implementing the Vision for Space Exploration when NASA Administrator Michael Griffin outlined center responsibilities associated with the Constellation Program for robotic and human moon and Mars exploration.

Glenn will lead the Crew Exploration Vehicle Service Module and Spacecraft Adapter integration, providing oversight and independent analysis of the prime contractor's development of these segments. Glenn will also have lead responsibility for the design and development of several Crew Launch Vehicle upper stage systems.

"The NASA Glenn work force is excited about this opportunity to have a major role in implementing the Vision for Space Exploration. This will benefit the Nation, the agency, the Center, its employees and the Greater Cleveland community," said Glenn Center Director Woodrow Whitlow Jr. "We are pleased that the Administrator and program mangers recognize how well our capabilities are aligned with the priorities of the agency. There's still much to be done as we prepare for space exploration, but NASA Glenn is up to the challenge and looks forward to a bright future in space flight systems development."

Glenn and each of the other centers also will support moon and Mars surface systems conceptual designs and additional Constellation program and project activities.

This distribution of work across the NASA centers reflects the agency's intention to productively use personnel, facilities and resources to accomplish the Vision.

While these decisions will result in budget and personnel allocations at the centers, detailed estimates will not be available until after prime contractors are formally selected for the program's major projects, such as the crew exploration vehicle, crew launch vehicle and cargo launch vehicle.

For information about the Constellation Program and a detailed listing of the work assignments at each center, visit:

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