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Sallie A. Keith
Media Relations Office

February 9, 2006
RELEASE : 06-010
NASA Astronaut and Officials meet with Explorer School Students
NASA kicks off the newly established NASA Explorer Schools partnership with Alpha School of Excellence, Youngstown, Ohio, next week with presentations by a former astronaut and representatives from headquarters and the Glenn Research Center.

What:     Student Assembly
When:    1 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 15
Who:      Astronaut Roger Crouch
               NASA's Deputy Associate Administrator for Program Integration, Space Operations                Mission Directorate, W. Michael Hawes
               Glenn Research Center Director Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Jr.
Where:   Alpha School of Excellence, 2546 Hillman Street, Youngstown

Former Astronaut Roger Crouch joins NASA's Deputy Associate Administrator for Program Integration, Space Operations Mission Directorate, W. Michael Hawes, and Glenn Research Center Director Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Jr. for a presentation on careers in mathematics and science, which will be in demand as NASA returns to the moon and travels to Mars. Crouch has flown on two space shuttle missions.

A media opportunity will be held at the school immediately following the assembly program. Media interested in arranging interviews with Hawes, Crouch or Whitlow should contact Sallie Keith at 216-433-5795 or 216-308-0801 (cell).

In addition to the school program, students can take a cross-country flight or a trip to the International Space Station in NASA's Mobile Aerospace Education Laboratory (MAEL). The MAEL, operated by Glenn Research Center, will be at the school from Monday Feb. 13 through Friday Feb. 17. During its stay at Alpha School of Excellence, classes will participate in a laboratory experience. On Tuesday, Feb. 14, the community is invited to participate.

The MAEL is a state-of-the-art classroom housed in a 53-foot trailer. The lab was designed primarily to excite children in grades 5 and higher about science and mathematics. It houses several unique workstations that allow visitors to explore technology through activities that model real world challenges in aerospace. Since 1996, the lab has traveled almost 100,000 miles and visited 178 events in 121 cities and 40 states.

Alpha School of Excellence was named a NASA Explorer School in the spring of 2005. The NASA Explorer School program is a three-year partnership to help educators and students join NASA's mission of discovery through educational activities and special learning opportunities tailored to promote science, mathematics and technology applications and career explorations.

For more information about the NASA Explorer School Program on the Internet, visit:

For more information about NASA on the Internet, visit:


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