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For Release: August 31, 2004

Katherine K. Martin
Media Relations Office


A distinguished group of civil service and contractor employees at NASA's Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, will be recognized on Wednesday, September 1 at the annual NASA Honor Awards ceremony. Dr. J. Victor Lebacqz, NASA Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate at Headquarters in Washington, D.C., will join Center Director Dr. Julian Earls to present the Agency's most prestigious medals and awards to employees for their exceptional achievements and accomplishments in science, engineering and administrative service.

Distinguished Service Medal
Dr. Christos C. Chamis, Westlake, for distinguished service and pioneering contributions to the aerospace arena through forward-thinking research.

Outstanding Leadership Medal
Louis R. Ignaczak, Columbia Station, for sustained leadership of NASA projects and demonstrated ability to develop technical and management talents of Glenn Research Center employees.
Calvin T. Ramos, Strongsville, for exemplary technical leadership and integrity in directing, organizing, planning and implementing NASA's advanced terrestrial-, aeronautics- and space-based networking architectures.
Dr. Jaiwon Shin, Avon Lake, for outstanding leadership and contributions in Aviation Safety Aviation Capacity and Aerospace Operations Systems Programs at Glenn Research Center.
Timothy Wickenheiser, Westlake, for outstanding leadership in providing vision and direction for the Airbreathing Systems Analysis Office.

Exceptional Achievement Medal
Dr. Samuel A. Alterovitz, Rocky River, for pioneering experimental and analytical research in the characterization of electronic materials for satellite communications applications, specifically in variable-angle spectroscopic ellipsometry and magnetoresistance methods.
Raymond F. Beach, North Olmsted, for exceptional service in the advocacy and development of aerospace flywheel technology.
Robert J. Buehrle,f Medina, for numerous technical achievements and for shaping the technical strategy and approach to advance NASA aerospace technology.
Dr. Danny P. Hwang, Strongsville, for outstanding capabilities as an innovator in fundamental fluid flow.
Dr. Meng-Sing Liou, Westlake, for the development of an innovative new method that allows efficient and accurate simulation of multiphase flows.
Konstantinos S. Martzaklis, Hudson, for outstanding management of the Weather Accident Prevention Project, which resulted in significant accident prevention technologies to increase the safety of the flying public.
Dr. James B. Min, Broadview Heights, for exceptional performance, technical leadership and vision to develop advanced computational structural dynamics and life prediction methodologies in support of several NASA programs.

Exceptional Service Medal
Dr. Donald C. Braun, Garfield Heights, for superior and sustained contributions to the advancement of digital signal processing and its applications to research at the Glenn Research Center through flight and experimental testing.
Gerald Chomos, North Olmsted, for outstanding contributions to aerospace communications in areas such as the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite, Advanced Communications for Air Traffic Management and aviation weather communications technologies.
Dawn C. Emerson, Elyria, for outstanding contributions to advancing the engineering capabilities at the Glenn Research Center.
Dennis S. Fox, North Royalton, for valued contributions to the development of advanced materials technology and its transfer to the turbine engine manufacturers.
Dr. Alan D. Freed, Wadsworth, for outstanding contributions to engineering mechanics and materials science through the development of innovative, robust and efficient mathematical models for viscoplastic and viscoelastic material response.

Thomas B. Irvine, Rocky River, for sustained contributions to NASA aeronautics and space flight missions including aerospace systems testing and evaluation and the International Space Station Program.
Dr. Anatole P. Kurkov, Rocky River, for advancing the state of the art of noncontact blade vibration measurement at Glenn Research Center and pioneering blade deflection measurement on advanced turbomachinery rotors.
Dr. Shantaram S. Pai, North Olmsted, for outstanding technical leadership and creativity in the development of innovative, unique and state-of-the-art probabilistic analysis methodologies for NASA aeronautics and space programs.
Dr. J. Michael Pereira, Cleveland Heights, for exceptional contributions to research in ballistic impact and high-strain-rate structural behavior, which have led to lighter weight jet engine containment systems and turbine blades.
Dr. Gary D. Roberts , Wadsworth, for outstanding contributions to NASA's efforts to develop affordable, durable lightweight materials through research on the long-term durability and fatigue of advanced materials.
Ignacy Telesman, Hudson, for contributions to advanced materials and structures research for aerospace applications.
Wayne A. Whyte, Jr., Olmsted Township, for exemplary leadership in guiding the Agency's Spectrum Management Program.

Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal
Dr. Paula J. Dempsey, Wakeman, for exceptional effort in developing a new method for aircraft drive systems that accurately and reliably detects gear surface damage.

Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal
Lanny G. Thieme, North Olmsted, for significant contributions and dedication to the development of the free-piston Stirling convertor as the Department of Energy's high-efficiency radioisotope power system for NASA's future deep space missions.

Public Service Medal
Mark A. Allman, Berea, formerly of RSIS, for outstanding contributions in the research and development of space networking protocols that have enabled Glenn Research Center to significantly advance the state-of-the-art in Internet-based protocols for aeronautical- and space-based platforms and environments.
Dr. Gregory N. Morscher, Stow, an employee of OAI, for outstanding contributions toward development of ceramic matrix composite materials for aerospace applications.

Fifty Year Service Award
Earl R. Hanes, Middleburg Heights

Forty-Five Year Service Awards
Ojars V. Klans, Cleveland
Gerald V. Brown, Lakewood
Martin T. Stupiansky, Columbia Station
Richard K. Shaltens, Westlake
Ralph G. Garlick, Cleveland

Forty Year Service Awards
Grant M. Brown, Grafton
Klaus H. Gumto, Strongsville
Thomas B. Schneider, Cleveland
Betty J. Waszil, Rocky River
William R. Armstrong, North Ridgeville
Thomas J. Hill, Parma
George Niener, Middleburg Heights
Alvin E. Buggele, Milan
Jack A. Salzman, Medina
Luequention Wilkins, Warrensville Heights
James R. Davis, Avon Lake
Thomas J. Biesiadny, North Olmsted
Gerald J. Chomos, North Olmsted

Group Achievement Awards
Four members of the Embedded Web Technology Team, for outstanding contributions in the development and commercialization of Embedded Web Technology, which is revolutionizing how users command, control and monitor embedded computers.

Ninety-four members of the Glennan Microsystems Initiative Technical Team, for exceptional technical achievements in significantly advancing the state of the art of harsh-environment silicon-carbide-based microsystems.

Six members of the Compound Semicondictor Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit Team, for exemplary performance in solving the numerous complex problems in compound semiconductor monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) materials and device technology and reliability, which led to the adoption of MMICs in present-day spacecraft.

Twenty-six members of the Propulsion IVHM Technology Experiment (PITEX) Team, for successful demonstration of real-time execution of advanced diagnostics technology for space transportation propulsion systems on flightlike hardware.

Three members of the Structural Seals Research Team, for the exceptional effort put forth in providing the technical and experimental support to the development of control-surface seals for future reentry vehicles.

Note to Editors/News Directors: Media representatives wishing to cover the event should contact Katherine Martin or Glenn's Media Relations Office (216-433-2901) in order to be cleared through security and escorted to the event.



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