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For Release: June 1, 2004

Lori J. Rachul
Media Relations Office


Senators in Ohio's 125th General Assembly passed unanimously a concurrent resolution encouraging the United States Congress to support and fully fund NASA's Vision for Space Exploration Program.

State Sen. Robert F. Spada from the 24th District along with state Rep. Thomas Patton of the 18th District, sponsored the resolution and invited NASA's Glenn Research Center to Columbus, Ohio's Capitol, to offer proponent testimony about its role in expanding America's exploration boundaries from the 13 original states to the lunar surface. They also praised NASA Glenn for igniting American students' interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. John M. Hairston, Director of External Programs for NASA Glenn provided expert testimony.

Citing the role the State has played in leading America's exploration initiatives, especially as it relates to aeronautics and space, the Ohio Senate resolved, that they support the continuation of research and development programs in space science missions in order to take advantage of the previous investments made in Space Station and other NASA infrastructure, and to support NASA's goal of returning to the Moon, as well as conducting excursions to Mars and beyond.

The Senate further encouraged the U.S. Congress to enact and fully fund the proposed Vision for Space Exploration Program as submitted to Congress in the 2005 fiscal year budget, so that the United States, and Ohio in particular, could remain a leader in the exploration and development of space.

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