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For Release: May 21, 2004

Sally V. Harrington
Media Relations Office



An astronaut and a NASA official will visit with students in Dolton, Ill. on Tuesday, May 25 to share the agency's vision for space exploration with the next generation of explorers.

NASA's Assistant Administrator for Equal Opportunity Programs Dr. Dorothy Hayden-Watkins and Astronaut Timothy Creamer will visit on Tuesday, May 25 with students at Harriet Tubman School, 333 East 142nd Street, Dolton, Ill. The event will begin at 9:30 a.m.

"As NASA moves forward in its quest to explore Mars and beyond, it's important for us to energize and excite the next generation about the possibilities," said Hayden-Watkins. "We must create learning environments that will nurture the first human beings, from all segments of our society, who will become explorers of the universe."

Hayden-Watkins and Creamer will talk with students about our destiny as explorers, NASA's stepping stone approach to exploring Earth, the Moon, Mars and beyond, and introduce a video of the exciting Mars rover missions that are going on at this moment.

Harriet Tubman Elementary School is one of 100 schools selected to participate in the NASA Explorer Schools program, a 3-year partnership of scientific and engineering adventures to engage students using NASA resources and capabilities. The program is designed to give students the foundation and inspiration to pursue careers in science, mathematics and technology.

Media representatives interested in arranging interviews with Creamer or Hayden-Watkins in conjunction with their visits please contact Sally Harrington at 216-287-2316 (cell) or at 216 549-2245 (pager).

For more information about the NASA Explorer Schools Program on the Internet, visit:

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