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For Release: January 28, 2004

Katherine K. Martin
Media Relations Office


Remembrance of Fallen Heroes

The seven heroes whose lives ended a year ago aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia will be among those remembered during a ceremony at NASA's Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, on January 29.

Beginning at 9 a.m., Glenn's Director, Dr. Julian Earls, will address employees in the Visitor Center. Following these opening remarks, a wreath will be placed at the base of a memorial dedicated to the Apollo I, Challenger and Columbia crews. A moment of silence will also be observed. Names will be read of the 46 test pilots, astronauts and support personnel who gave their lives to expand frontiers in air and space.

Also included in the ceremony will be the dedication of a new exhibit in memory of the Columbia crew. The exhibit, the Combustion Module-2 Crew Trainer, will allow visitors to learn more about the science that was part of Columbia's STS-107 Mission. The actual Combustion Module Crew Trainer that was used to train astronauts for STS-107 has been enhanced to incorporate interactive features into the exhibit. The crew trained on the Combustion Module in Cleveland because it was designed and built at Glenn. Visitors can perform some of the same steps that the astronauts performed when working with the Combustion Module. After following the steps, actual footage is played from one of the experiments conducted in space.

Beginning on Saturday, January 31 and Sunday, February 1, the general public can view the new astronaut memorial wall, sign a "Guest Book" with their condolences and watch highlights from last year's Columbia memorial services. A STS-107 post- flight multimedia presentation can also be accessed in the Visitor Center's "Mission Support Center" console.

Admission to the Visitor Center is free and wheelchair accessible. All adult visitors must present a government issued photo identification to obtain entrance to Glenn. Access by foreign nationals is subject to restrictions. All vehicles are subject to inspection. Normal hours of operation are Monday- Friday 9 a.m.4 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m.3 p.m.; and Sunday 15 p.m.

More information on the Visitor Center is available on-line:

Note to Editors: Media representatives wishing to attend the Remembrance Ceremony should call the Media Relations Office at 216-433-2901 by 8:30 a.m., January 29 in order to be cleared through security.

Those who will be remembered at the Ceremony are:

Howard C. "Tick" Lilly research pilot crashed on takeoff May 3, 1948

Ryland S. Carter research pilot broke up in flight May 17, 1948

Eugene P. Townsend research pilot crashed April 10, 1950

Herbert H. Hoover research pilot broke apart in flight August 14, 1952

Rudolph D. Van Dyke, Jr. research pilot crashed June 1, 1953

William L. Alford research pilot crashed October 12, 1959

Donovan R. Heinle research pilot crashed April 19, 1961

Theodore C. Freeman astronaut trainee crashed October 31, 1964

Charles A. Bassett II and Elliott M. See Jr. astronaut trainees crashed February 28, 1966

Joseph A. Walker research pilot/astronaut mid-air collision June 8, 1966

Crew of Apollo I Virgil "Gus" Grissom, Edward H. White

and Roger B. Chaffee astronauts cockpit fire on launch pad January 27, 1967

Clifton C. Williams astronaut trainee crashed October 5, 1967

Michael J. Adams astronaut crashed November 15, 1967

James. P. Riley, Frank J. Brasmer, Herbert V. Cross, Gaeton P Faraone, James F. Remington, John W. Yusken, Philip R. Wilcox, Roy Adkins, C.A. Robinson, E. Forslow, and B. Sorenson research Pilots and scientists mid-air collision April 12, 1973

David Barth research pilot struck power lines in fog September 11, 1981

Wendell W. Kelley, research pilot; Paul Coy, flight test engineer and George Mead, designer crashed November 19, 1981

Richard E. Gray research pilot crashed November 8, 1982

Crew of Space Shuttle Challenger Francis R. "Dick" Scobee, Michael J. Smith, Judy A. Resnik, Ronald E. McNair, Ellison S. Onizuka, Gregory B. Jarvis, and S. Christa McAuliffe astronauts structural failure on launch January 28, 1986

Crew of Space Shuttle Columbia Rick D. Husband, William C. McCool, Michael P. Anderson, Kalpana Chawla, David M. Brown, Laurel B. Clark and Ilan Ramon astronauts structural failure during re-entry February 1, 2003



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