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For Release: December 19, 2003

Sallie A. Keith
Media Relations Office


Astronaut Carl E. Walz visited NASA's Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, to present 23 employees and support service contractors with Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Motivation and Recognition Program awards.

"These employees advance the quality of our Agency's space missions through their cutting edge research and brilliant insight," stated Glenn Center Director, Dr. Julian M. Earls. "It is especially meaningful to have an Ohio astronaut present their awards."

Seventeen employees received Silver Snoopy Awards, the Astronaut's Personal Achievement Award. Silver Snoopy Awards recognize an individual's outstanding job performance and commitment to flight safety and mission success. As an award, the recipients were presented sterling silver Snoopy lapel pins that were flown on previous Space Shuttle missions. Additionally, all awardees were given certificates and letters of commendation, personally signed by Astronaut Walz, citing his appreciation of their outstanding performance.

Six Glenn employees were recipients of SFA Team Awards. The Team Award is presented to a group of employees who have demonstrated exemplary teamwork while accomplishing a significant task or goal in support of NASA's space flight programs. A certificate with a miniature Orbiter flag (flown on a previous space shuttle mission) and a Team Award lapel pin were presented to each team member.

Walz, a native of Cleveland, currently holds the U.S. space flight endurance record of 196 consecutive days in space. He served as a mission specialist on Space Shuttle Discovery (1993) and Space Shuttle Atlantis (1996). He also served as a flight engineer on Space Shuttle Columbia (1994) and on the International Space Station (2001-2002). Walz is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel. He is currently serving as the Program Executive for Advanced Concepts for Project Prometheus.

A full list of civil servant and support service contractor awardees, as well as the areas in Glenn in which they work, a description of the work for which they are being awarded and their hometowns, follows:

James A. Blankschaen, Electrical and Avionics Systems Branch, for work on the design, development and deployment of the power system for the International Space Station, Broadview Heights

Beth A. Cooper, Structural Systems Dynamics Branch, for work to better define payload requirements as well as design and verification approaches to measure and provide hearing and communications services for astronauts while on orbit, Cleveland Heights

David M. DeFelice, Community and Media Relations Office, for continued efforts to support NASA's astronauts and to share their achievements with the public, Medina

David T. Frate, Combustion Flight Projects Branch, for work on the CM-2 project and handling the interface activities with Spacehab and Boeing contractors, Olmsted Falls

Carl F. Fritz, (C. Francis Enterprise) for development and design of numerous flight experiments including the Colloidal Gelation project, the Binary Colloidal Alloy Test Project and the Microgravity Observations of Bubble Interactions project

Kenol Jules, Microgravity Environment and Telescience Branch, for working to ensure that the microgravity environment on the ISS is maintained, measured, analyzed, and disseminated to the researchers, hardware developers, vehicle developers and crew

Jennifer Keller, (ZIN Technologies) supporting the Engineering Design and Analysis Division, for support in getting the SAMS ground system operational and serving as the real time ISS operations contact for the SAMS team, Brunswick

Kenneth R. Kusanke, (ZIN Technologies) supporting the Engineering Design and Analysis Division, for his role in the Combustion Module Project including providing leadership, critical analysis, test plan development, testing, and reporting for the CM-2 fluids system from subsystem through fluid testing, Brecksville

David B. Manner, (ZIN Technologies) supporting the Fluid Flights Project Branch, for support in deploying and maintaining SAMS ISS hardware, Valley City

Laura Maynard-Nelson, Flight Software Engineering Branch, for leading the development and verification of Combustion Module (CM-2) software

David B. McKissock, Analysis Management Branch, for work on the GRC System Power Analysis for Capability Evaluation (SPACE) Team to develop the GRC SPACE code and to create new tools to analyze the ISS electrical power system, Middleburg Heights

Leonard J. Miller, (ZIN Technologies) supporting the Engineering Design and Analysis Division, for support of the electrical design, drafting, documentation and testing of the successful STDCE-1, STDCE-2 and Combustion Module-1 programs to ensure safety and mission success and for efforts to systematically fix and upgrade every component in the CM-2 system, Parma

Gary M. Pease, Space Flight Project Branch, for his work in resolving a critical electrical power resource deficiency in the Centrifuge Accommodation Module, Hudson

Dennis D. Pehotsky, Space Systems and Grants Branch, for exceptional customer service in facilitating hundreds of purchases of space hardware that support a large number of microgravity experiments and contribute to space flight safety, Cleveland

Mingo T. Rolince, (AKIMA Corporation) supporting the Space Support Branch, for support in building and testing all the engineering model and space flight hardware for the InSPACE Project, a microgravity science Glovebox project. Mr. Rolince populated the primary InSPACE Square Wave Generator printed circuit board, applied the conformal coating, and installed it in the glovebox with the other electronic components, Cleveland

James S. T'ien, (National Center for Microgravity Research) supporting the Microgravity Science Division, for his contributions to human space flight safety and his research on flame spread and material flammability in the microgravity environment

Hin Leung Yee, (Science Applications International Corporation), supporting the Microgravity Science Division, for the integration of the Orbital Acceleration Research Experiment instrument for STS-107, for serving as the quality assurance lead on the TGDF, and for utilizing his technical knowledge and personal relationships to aid in safe space flight, North Olmsted

Team Award Recipients

Dr. Kelly S. Carney, Grafton Township; Jeffrey R. Hammel (AKIMA), Amherst Township; Dale A. Hopkins, Medina; Matthew E. Melis, Olmsted Falls; Dr. J. Michael Pereira, Cleveland Heights; and Duane M. Revilock, Strongsville , members of the Structural Mechanics and Dyanamics Branch received two team awards for their work on "Booster Separation Motor Particle on Orbiter Windows" and "Booster Separation Motor Foreign Object Debris Impact Risk Assessment."

Portraits of award recipients are available upon request.

More information on the SFA awards is available online:

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