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For Release: September 3, 2003

Lori J. Rachul
Media Relations Office

XVI International Symposium on Air Breathing Engines Being Held in Cleveland

More than 300 leading engineers, scientists and aerospace industry executives have gathered in Cleveland to attend the 16th International Symposium on Air Breathing Engines (ISOABE) going on now and continuing through Friday, September 5 at the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel.

The symposium provides a forum for the technical interchange of innovative ideas and to hear outstanding talks presented by internationally renowned leaders in aviation and aerospace. Over 150 speakers from NASA, industry and academia will present papers and participate on panel discussions addressing timely issues facing the community.

Hosted by NASA's Glenn Research Center and the U.S. National Organizing Committee, the symposium is sponsored by GE Aircraft Engines, Pratt & Whitney, MTU Aero Engines GmbH, Rolls Royce, Honeywell, Volvo Aero Corporation, OAI and Allied Aerospace Industries, GASL Division.

Following is a symposium schedule and speaker description.

Today, Wednesday, September 3, Dr. M.J. Benzakein, General Manager of Advanced Engineer Programs, GE Aircraft Engines provided the opening lecture "Propulsion Vision for the 21st Century: Where We Are and Where We Are Going." Technical sessions followed on test facility design and operation, inlets and ducts, exhaust nozzles, engine cycles, computational fluid dynamics applications to compressors, and materials. In the afternoon, symposium participants will tour the Glenn facilities.

On Thursday, September 4, at 8 a.m. Professor Riti Singh, Head of the Department of Power, Propulsion and Aerospace Engineering at Cranfield University in the UK will deliver the opening lecture "Advances and Opportunities in Gas Path Diagnostics."

Technical sessions in the morning will include test and measurement technology; diagnostics and modeling; ramjet and dual mode combustion; heat transfer; hypersonics and aeroelasticity.

The featured luncheon speaker is Mark Moran, Vice President, Technical and Purchasing for Continental Airlines.

Technical sessions in the afternoon will include radial compressors; turbopumps and turboprops; scramjets; heat transfer; engine cycle technology; and materials.

At 5 p.m. Joanquin Castro, Director of Hypersonics Programs, Pratt & Whitney will discuss "Hypersonic Propulsion: The Future is Now."

At 7:30 p.m. banquet speaker Thomas Crouch, Senior Curator for Aeronautics, Smithsonian Institution and author, will lecture on "Why Wilbur and Orville: The Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Airplane."

On Friday, September 5, Dr. David Van Wie, Aeronautical Science and Technology Group, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, will deliver the morning lecture "Bumblebee and Beyond: Propulsion Advancements at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory."

Technical sessions in the morning will include: test and measurement technology; systems; scramjet combustion; diagnostics, modeling and methods; computational fluid dynamics modeling; and pulse detonation engines.

Dr. Jeanette Grasselli Brown, scientist, philanthropist and immediate past chair of the Ohio Board of Regents will serve as the luncheon speaker.

Technical sessions in the afternoon will include: combustion technology; compressor tip clearance; ramjets; diagnostics, modeling and methods.

A complete symposium program is posted on the Web at:

Media representatives who would like to arrange interviews or attend a panel session or lecture should call Lori Rachul or the Media Relations Office at 216-433-2901.

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