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For Release: June 27, 2003

Katherine K. Martin
Media Relations Office

NASA Celebrates Powered Flight at Inventing Flight in Dayton

The celebration of a century of flight offers a unique opportunity to highlight the many successes of NASA, as well as its contributions to the future of flight. NASA's role in air and space flight will be displayed at Dayton's Inventing Flight: The Centennial Celebration, beginning July 3.

During the 17-day event, NASA will demonstrate how it has reached heights the Wright Brothers could not have imagined through its advancements in aeropropulsion. Honoring the power to fly, Dayton, the "Birthplace of Aviation," will become an international hub of activity while the sky above the region becomes a festival in itself.

NASA's presence will center around its new exhibit entitled "Powering Flight, Powering Dreams" to be located in the LexisNexis Communication and Inspiration Pavilion at Celebration Central, a sprawling 12-acre area at Deeds Point in downtown Dayton.

Developed in honor of the Centennial of Flight, the NASA exhibit will trace the history of powered flight in America and the evolution of modern marvels. Displays invite visitors to learn how NASA research has gone from the laboratory to the runway and the launch pad. Highlights of the exhibit include the history of flight research, unique research aircraft, advanced satellite systems, deep space travel and exploration of the solar system. Visitors will also be able to view a Moon rock, a scale model Saturn Rocket, an ion engine and various satellite models.

As part of Inventing Flight, NASA will conduct educational activities from July 3-15 in five 20' x 20' tents. Children and parents will learn about NASA while having fun with educational hands-on activities, including making paper airplanes, rotor copters and straw rockets. Additionally, there will be a coloring contest, a 1900 Wright Kite display and the interactive dome-shaped simulator, the Vision Station, where visitors can experience in three dimensions how it felt to fly on the Wright flyer.

In addition to Celebration Central at Deeds Point, NASA will have exhibits at several other Inventing Flight venues located throughout Dayton. An electric-powered airplane that has been converted from traditional fuel will be on display at Huffman Prairie Flying Field, adjacent to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. At nearby Carillon Historical Park, an interactive exhibit entitled Tunneling the Winds for Flight will feature a wind tunnel and provide information on how the Wright Brothers used wind tunnels in their flight research. Other events highlighting NASA include the Dayton Black Cultural Festival on July 11-13 at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds and the Vectren Dayton Air Show at the Dayton International Airport from July 17 through 20.

A highlight during Inventing Flight will be NASA Day, which begins the evening of July 17 and continues through July 18. This event will feature astronaut visits and other NASA-centered activities that showcase the Agency's contributions to powered flight. Senator John Glenn, secretary general of Inventing Flight, will participate in the activities.

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