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For Release: August 28, 2002

Sally V. Harrington
Media Relations Office

Teachers Attend "Summer School" at NASA Workshop

Twenty-six educators from schools in fourteen states recently attended a NASA Educator Workshop (NEW) at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.

During the two-week workshop, the participants witnessed wind tunnel tests, learned about Mars exploration efforts and participated in various hands-on space and aeronautics-related activities. The knowledge they gained in this exciting program can be easily infused into their curricula to encourage their students' enthusiasm for math, science, technology and geography.

The educators are also encouraged to spread the knowledge they gained at the workshop beyond the classroom to other educators and to their community, resulting in a heightened awareness of the importance of strong math and science skills in our technologically-dominated world.

The NEW Program was established in 1984. It is funded by NASA and is a collaborative effort between Glenn's Office of Educational Programs and the National Science Teachers Association. Teachers attending the workshop learn about cutting-edge NASA technology, visit world class facilities, attend seminars given by NASA researchers, engineers and technicians and study topics ranging from airplane flight to interplanetary exploration.

The teachers who participated in the workshop are list below by state and city.

Suzette Hilton, Enterprise
Linda Robitaille, Naples
Eeva Burns, Vernon Hills
Sherry Humphries, Jacksonville
Louise Jackson, Tinley Park
Christy Saunders, Rockford
Nancy Siemienas, Arlington Heights
Mary Stander, Princeton
Linda Stith, Somerset
Susan O'Brien, Bangor
Dina Exline, Warren
Katherine Grzesiak, Midland
Tara Plummer, Holland
Randy Robson, Flint
Paula Jo Davis, St. Francis
New Hampshire
Stacey Weeks, Dover
New York
William Wolfe, Elmira
North Carolina
Marie Lieberman, Raleigh
Laurel Gearig, Cincinnati
Amy Krajnak, Cleveland
David Register, Columbus
Paula Bearer, Ligonier
Natalie Cajka, Tarentum
Patricia Jones, Allentown
South Carolina
Frances Mazur, Columbia
Chris Damarjian

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