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For Release: August 14, 2002

Barbara L. Kakiris, InDyne, Inc.
Media Relations Office

Lori J. Rachul
Media Relations Office

Latest Microgravity Results and Future Plans Shared with Research Community

How can colloidal research in space help create more durable paints? The answer to this question is but one of the many findings that will be shared during the Sixth Microgravity Fluid Physics and Transport Phenomena Conference, to be held August 14 - 16 at the Sheraton City Centre Hotel, downtown Cleveland.

The conference's central focus will be an analysis of new research findings on all current NASA-funded grants and contracts for ground-based and flight research by means of plenary talks and poster presentations. Keynote speakers-including NASA officials from Headquarters and Glenn, representatives from The National Center for Microgravity Research on Fluids and Combustion (NCMR) and principal investigators from academic institutions nationwide-will discuss emerging themes in basic and applied research.

The conference will highlight what NASA's Office of Biological and Physical Research identifies as research priorities and opportunities for the science community in the areas of flight research on the International Space Station (ISS) and ground-based research. OBPR has already released an omnibus NASA Research Announcement soliciting proposals for research in microgravity fluid physics and transport phenomena with a proposal due date of December 2, 2002. The conference will provide more details on future Agency trends, such as biotechnology, and how the research community can contribute to the success of NASA's mission.

Glenn's Microgravity Science Division (MSD) conducts and implements research to discover the effects of low gravity (microgravity) on important chemical and physical processes. Research is conducted during ground-based experiments in Glenn's unique, world-class facilities that create a weightless environment and space experiments designed and built at Glenn that are performed on the Space Shuttle and ISS. Results are used to improve the quality of life on Earth, to advance the presence of humans in space and to further NASA's vision of improving life here, extending life to there and finding life beyond. The MSD will continue to contribute to future Shuttle and ISS missions in many ways including the design, buildup, testing and integration of multi-user research facilities on ISS and experiment hardware packages.

The Sixth Microgravity Fluid Physics and Transport Phenomena Conference is hosted by Glenn and NCMR and is sponsored by OBPR and The Fluid Physics and Transport Phenomena Discipline Working Group.

Media representatives interested in covering any part of the event should contact Barbara Kakiris or the Media Relations Office (216-433-2901).

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