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For Release: June 26, 2002

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Employees Receive Astronaut Awards

Outstanding performance, flight safety and mission success are main priorities for human spaceflight. In appreciation of those who make outstanding contributions to these areas, astronauts bestow annual Silver Snoopy Awards, which symbolize the intent and spirit of NASA's Space Flight Awareness Program. On June 7, astronauts Lee M. Morin and Jerry L. Ross visited NASA's Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, to honor several employees.

"These employees advance the quality of our Agency's space missions through their cutting-edge research and brilliant insight," said Glenn Center Director Donald J. Campbell. "The Silver Snoopy Awards are special because astronauts hand pick the recipients for having made their jobs in space easier, more efficient and safer."

To be eligible for a Silver Snoopy, employees must meet criteria including the following: accomplishing specific achievements that have significant impact on the attainment of a particular Space Shuttle, payload or International Space Station goal; assisting in operational improvements that increase efficiency or performance; and being key players in developing a beneficial process improvement of significant magnitude.

As an award, the recipients were presented sterling silver Snoopy lapel pins that were flown on previous Space Shuttle missions. Additionally, all awardees were given certificates and letters of commendation, personally signed by the astronauts, citing the astronauts' appreciation of their outstanding performance.

A full list of civil servant and support service contractor awardees, as well as the areas of Glenn in which they work and their hometowns, follows:

2001 Recipients
Penni J. Dalton, Space Flight Project Branch; Strongsville.
Michael J. Patterson, On-Board Propulsion Branch; Brunswick.
Ronald J. Sicker, Microgravity Environment and Telescience Branch; Avon Lake
Gregory A. Zimmerli, Microgravity Fluid Physics Branch; Brunswick Hills.

Maria A. Havenhill (Science Applications International Corporation), Risk Management Office, Office of Safety and Assurance Technologies; Olmsted Falls.
Catherine C. Lewis (Analex Corporation), Combustion Flight Projects Branch; Fairview Park.

2002 Recipients
Gregory C. Blank, Research Instrumentation and Sensor Technology Branch; Strongsville.
John Calderon, Base R&T Support Branch; Lorain.
Ann M. Delleur, Power and Propulsion Office; Avon.
Thomas V. Hudach, Space Support Branch; Parma Heights.
Claudia M. Meyer, Controls and Dynamics Technology Branch; Brunswick.
Jack Telesman, Life Prediction Branch; Hudson.
James D. Wagner, Research Model Technology Branch; Medina.
Kathleen A. Webb, Space Systems and Grants Branch; Parma.

Kenneth Hrovat (Zin Technologies), Microgravity Environment and Telescience Branch; Fairview Park.
Pete T. Kantzos (OAI), Life Prediction Branch; Canton.
John F. Parina (Akima Corporation), Space Support Branch; Aurora.

The Silver Snoopy Awards and other human spaceflight program motivational activities are managed by the NASA/Industry Space Flight Awareness Panel under the cognizance of the associate administrator, Office of Space Flight, NASA Headquarters.

Portraits of the Silver Snoopy recipients are available upon request.

More information on the Silver Snoopy Awards is available online:

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