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Glenn Scientists Build on Flat Technology for Better Semiconductors

thumbnail Image file name: WebGrowth.jpg
DPI: 300
Width & Height (in pixels): 450 x 307
Width & Height (in inches): 3 x 2
File size: 28 KB
Caption: A flattened and enlarged silicon carbide mesa. The lighter, vee-shaped sections are the webbed material that was grown between the legs of the darker, plus-sign-shaped original mesa.
Credit: Courtesy NASA Glenn

thumbnail Image file name: Hetero.jpg
DPI: 300
Width & Height (in pixels): 1290 x 610
Width & Height (in inches): 4 x 2
File size: 73 KB
Caption: Cubic silicon carbide films on flattened mesas, after thermal oxidation that reveals crystal defects. The defect-free film shown on the right was made using step-free surface heteroepitaxy.
Credit: Courtesy NASA Glenn


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