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For Release: August 29, 2001

James M. Giomini
Media Relations Office

Agency Awards Highest Honors at NASA Glenn Ceremony

NASA Glenn Research Center Director Donald J. Campbell presented the Agency's highest medals to over 170 employees of NASA Glenn Research Center and its onsite contractors. John F. Lewis, managing partner of Squire, Sanders and Dempsey and chairperson of the Ohio Aerospace Council, was the keynote speaker at the August 23 event. Employees and others were honored for their outstanding contributions toward achieving the goals of NASA and Glenn through their excellence in science, engineering and administrative service.

Outstanding Leadership Medal
Jo Ann Charleston, Lorain, for outstanding leadership that has had a pronounced effect upon the educational community and the technical and administrative programs at NASA.
Carol J. Russo, San Jose, Calif., for exceptional leadership and vision in advancing the preeminence of the United States in aeropropulsion for the global aerospace market.

Exceptional Achievement Medal
Nan-Suey Liu, Strongsville, for leadership in and technical contribution to the development of the National Combustion Code.
Karen M. Meinert, North Ridgeville, for outstanding leadership in achieving ISO 9001 certification for Glenn through the development and implementation of a Business Management System.
Jeffrey G. Schreiber, Medina, for significant contributions in the advocacy and selection of the free-piston Stirling converter as the Department of Energy's near-term advanced radioisotope power system for NASA's future deep-space missions.
Jonathan A. Seidel, Berea, for outstanding accomplishments in shaping the technical strategy and approach of many aeropropulsion technology programs.
Mary B. Vickerman, Cleveland, for numerous technical achievements and successes in scientific imaging and visualization.
Martha S. Wetherholt, Wickliffe, for significant contributions in the development of software safety standards, policies and guidebooks and in advocating risk management and software product assurance as integral parts of project planning.

Exceptional Service Medal
Arthur G. Birchenough, Brook Park, for exceptional ability to provide innovative solutions and outstanding leadership for electrical system challenges.
Leo A. Burkardt, Strongsville, for outstanding service, leadership and visionary management in advanced propulsion technology development in an effort to revitalize general aviation and NASA propulsion research.
Richard A. Danks, Kirtland, for outstanding service to Glenn and to NASA by providing sustained innovative leadership in institutional facilities management, maintenance, construction, and operations.
Arthur J. Decker, North Olmsted, for continued excellence in developing holographic measurement systems.
William T. Dedula, Parma Heights, for outstanding leadership in the development of simulations that excite students about education and their futures.
Gregory J. Follen, North Olmsted, for exceptional achievements in computing and communications technologies that have significantly contributed to the global preeminence of the United States in propulsion and to Glenn as the Center of Excellence for air-breathing propulsion.
Timothy P. Gabb, Independence, for exceptional technical achievements in developing new improved durability turbine disk materials that have increased the reliability and safety of engine components for multiple aerospace customers.
Susan M. Hennie, Westlake, for outstanding administrative support of research and technology programs at Glenn.
Jay G. Horowitz, Cleveland Heights, for vision and leadership in the field of scientific graphics and visualization.
Shirley A. Joseph, Elyria, for exceptional knowledge, dedication and outstanding secretarial skills that have significantly contributed to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Office of Safety and Assurance Technologies and Glenn.
John K. Lytle, Akron, for outstanding leadership in providing the capability for significant reductions in the total aerospace propulsion design cycle time and costs.
Sharon K. R. Miller, Olmsted Falls, in recognition of outstanding productivity, significant impact on major NASA missions, and successful achievements in technology transfer.
Joseph J. Nainiger, Bay Village, for outstanding programmatic management contributions and dedication to Glenn power and onboard propulsion research.
Bryan A. Palaszewski, Olmsted Falls, for nationally recognized advanced fuels research, including gelled and atomic fuels that have important implications for space and aeronautics propulsion systems.
Michael C. Seaver, Avon, for initiative and creativity in the implementation of Construction Of Facilities Program management resulting in substantial benefits to the Agency and to Glenn Research Center.

Equal Employment Opportunity Medal
Ruben Del Rosario, Strongsville, for efforts in supporting the goals of equal opportunity at the Glenn Research Center by recognizing the value of each individual and representing not only the Hispanic community but that of the entire Glenn Research Center.

Public Service Medal
Anita Garg, Westlake, an employee of AYT Corporation, for exceptional technical achievements in the characterization of advanced materials under development for multiple aerospace customers.
Rainee N. Simons, North Olmsted, an employee of QSS Group, Inc., for pioneering research in the development of microwave printed antennas and distribution media applicable to future NASA and commercial communication systems.

Public Service Medal
Anita Garg, Westlake, an employee of AYT Corporation, for exceptional technical achievements in the characterization of advanced materials under development for multiple aerospace customers.
Rainee N. Simons, North Olmsted, an employee of QSS Group, Inc., for pioneering research in the development of microwave printed antennas and distribution media applicable to future NASA and commercial communication systems.

White House Closing the Circle Award
Michael J, Blotzer, Bay Village, Priscilla A Mobley, Cleveland, and Daniel D. White, Berea of the Environmental Management Systems Development Team for understanding the environmental challenges that face NASA and their efforts to establish NASA as a leader among Federal agencies in developing an Agency-wide environmental management system.

Presidential Rank Award
Gerald J. Barna, North Ridgeville and Robert E. Fails, Rocky River, were conferred the rank of Meritorious Executive in the Senior Executive Service for sustained accomplishment in management of programs of the United States Government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service.

Senior Scientific and Professional Corps
James A. DiCarlo, North Olmsted, was selected for the position of senior ceramic materials engineer for his international expertise in the field of ceramics and fiber-reinforced ceramic-matrix composites.

Distinguished Publication Award
Edmane Envia, Brunswick, and Rajagounder M. Nallasamy, Strongsville, an employee of QSS Group, Inc, in recognition of the excellence and value of their publication entitled "Design Selection and Analysis of a Swept and Lean Stator Concept."

Group Achievement Awards
Twenty members of the Express Recovery Team for demonstrating exemplary performance in solving the many technical challenges in the express power processing unit and thruster, which led to a successful ground demonstration.
Twenty-five members of the General Aviation Propulsion Revitalization Team for demonstrating a strong government and industry partnership to successfully complete the development of revolutionary general aviation gas turbine and intermittent-combustion engines.
Twenty-three team members of the MATE and DART Flight Experiment Development Team for superior team performance in developing MATE and DART flight experiments to explore and expand the role of photovoltaic power systems for the exploration of Mars.
Twenty-five members of the Propellant Densification Team for exceptional effort in integrating and fabricating the liquid-oxygen and liquid-hydrogen X-33 scale propellant densifiers and for overcoming difficulties in test preparations for the liquid-oxygen densifier.
Twenty-seven members of the World Radiocommunication Conference 2000 Team for outstanding contributions in support of United States efforts at the 2000 World Radiocommunication Conference to secure vital spectrum allocations and regulations ensuring electromagnetic support for current and future NASA missions.

Forty-Year Service Awards
Godfrey Anzic, North Royalton, Applied RF Technology Branch
Dean W. Bitler, Middleburg Heights, Commercial Technology Office
Henry B. Curtis, Rocky River, Photovoltaic and Space Environments Effects Branch
James C. Deraimo, North Olmsted, Central Process Systems Engineering & Maintenance Branch
Thomas P. Jacobson, North Olmsted, Fluid Flights Projects Branch
Vincent R. Lalli, Northfield, Risk Management Office
Maris A. Mantenieks, Medina, On-Board Propulsion Branch
Oral Mehmed, Fairview Park, Structural Mechanics and Dynamics Branch
Norman S. Melnyk, Middleburg Heights, Tactical Support Branch
Louis A. Povinelli, Westlake, Research and Technology Directorate
Michael C. Seaver, Avon, Facilities Engineering and Architectural Branch
Ronald J. Sovie, Brunswick, Space Directorate
Talivaldis Spalvins, Strongsville, Tribology and Surface Science Branch

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