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For Release: June 22, 2001

Barbara L. Kakiris, InDyne, Inc.
Media Relations Office

Lori J. Rachul
Media Relations Office

Glenn Researchers Host Workshop Exploring Fire Safety Needs in Spacecraft

People are always amazed at the manner and speed at which fires spread. Ever imagine how those same flames would react in space, absent the effects of gravity? Researchers from NASA Glenn Research Center's Microgravity Combustion Science Branch address this question daily by examining health and safety issues on Earth and in space through ground-based and space-based experiments.

On June 25 from 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and June 26 from 7 a.m. - noon, researchers will discuss lessons learned from combustion experiments that relate to fire safety on spacecraft. The workshop, "Research Needs in Fire Safety for the Human Exploration and Utilization of Space," will be held at the Sheraton Airport Hotel, Cleveland, OH.

Researchers from NASA, the military, universities and private industry will address various topics such as how to detect smoke and fire in the absence of gravity, how to test the flammability of materials to be used in spacecraft, and how to extinguish a fire in space. The research conducted as a result of this workshop will make current and future spacecraft safer places for astronauts to live and work.

Also during the workshop, Glenn researchers will discuss the Water Mist Fire Suppression experiment to be conducted in the Combustion Module (CM-2) facility on STS-107 schedule for May 2002. The results from this experiment could lead to improved fire suppression techniques on Earth as well as in future spacecraft.

The conference is being co-hosted by the National Center for Microgravity Research for Fluids and Combustion (NCMR), which is co-located with offices both on the Case Western Reserve University campus and at the Glenn Research Center. NCMR is an institute managed for NASA by the Universities Space Research Association to support NASA missions and research discoveries.

Glenn is NASA's lead Center for all aspects of Microgravity Combustion Science, Fluid Physics and Transport Phenomena and Acceleration Measurement Programs. Its Microgravity Science Division (MSD) conducts and sponsors ground-based scientific and technological studies that lead to space experiments. These efforts contribute new scientific knowledge by studying the effects of low gravity (microgravity) on important chemical and physical processes to improve the quality of life on Earth and to advance the presence of humans in space. The MSD will continue to contribute to future Shuttle and ISS missions in many ways including the design, buildup, testing and integration of experiment hardware packages.

Media interested in attending the event should contact Barbara Kakiris or the Media Relations Office (216-433-2901).

Information on the conference is available on the Internet at:

Additional information on Glenn's Microgravity Science Division is available on the Internet at:

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