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For Release: April 23, 2001

Sally V. Harrington
Media Relations Office


Group in Town To Gather Information To Educate the Educators

Over 150 representatives from the educational offices at NASA Headquarters and the 10 NASA field centers and from the 70 NASA Educator Resource Centers around the country are in Cleveland this week to discover resources for teachers to use as fuel to boost an interest in math and science in students throughout the United States.

On April 25 and 26 attendees will participate in interactive educational workshops geared towards the elementary, middle or high school levels. The workshops will take place at NASA Glenn Research Center, this year's host of the annual weeklong Educator Resource Center Network/Educational Technology (ECRN/ET) Training Conference.

Several of the workshops involve computer-based programs. For example, one involves participants becoming familiar with a CD or internet-based program called Foilsim, which replicates the behavior of air over an airfoil, or wing, as well as around a baseball. This is like having a wind tunnel on your desktop computer.

"The workshops are designed to model the hands-on involvement that teachers seek for their students to make mathematics and science concepts come alive," said Bill Nyerges of the Glenn Office of Educational Programs. "These workshops will be reinforced by participant visits earlier in the week to related facilities at Glenn involved with microgravity experiments on the International Space Station and current aerospace technology supporting advanced engine and aerodynamic concepts."

NASA Educator Resource Centers (ERC's), ten of which are in the Great Lakes Region, provide expertise and facilities to help educators access and utilize science, mathematics, technology and geography instructional products. ERC's partner with local, state and regional education organizations to become part of the systemic education reform initiatives in the state.

Educational Technology focuses on the use of electronic media as a tool for sharing NASA technology and educational outreach. The use of CD's, internet-based presentations, distance learning, and PBS or NASA TV broadcasting are all part of the initiatives that expand the impact and attraction of NASA educational programs.

Photo and interview opportunities for media representatives interested in covering the workshops can be arranged by calling Sally Harrington at 216/433-2037 or the Media Relations Office at 216/433-2901.

Further information regarding educational programs and services offered by NASA for educators and students can be found at:

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