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For Release: March 28, 2001

James M. Giomini
Media Relations Office


3rd Annual Craftsmanship Competition at NASA Glenn

A critical segment of Glenn's highly skilled workforce is comprised of model makers, machinists, electrical and electronics technicians who build and test research and flight hardware for technology development programs such as turbomachinery, high temperature materials and microgravity combustion research. Most of the hardware fabricated and tested is one of a kind and not easily obtainable commercially.

On Thursday, March 29 from 10 a.m. until noon, the NASA Glenn Research Center will hold its third annual Craftsmanship Awards Competition. The award is presented to a craftsman, or team of craftsmen, who fabricated a component or system that required a high degree of skill and imagination, who devised a unique manufacturing process or who overcame job difficulties such as a lack of information due to the highly technical and experimental nature of the project. One award will be given in manufacturing and another will be awarded in assembly and buildup.

The competition will take place in the Center's main cafeteria where the nominees' projects will be on display. Each craftsman will have an opportunity to explain their project to a panel of expert judges, comprised of Glenn's technical managers and Human Resources Panel members.

If you are interested in covering this event, please call ahead to Jim Giomini (216/433-8340) or the Media Relations Office (216/433-2901) to be cleared through security.

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