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For Release: January 31, 2001

Katherine K. Martin
Media Relations Office

Lori J. Rachul
Media Relations Office

Local Firm First To Graduate

The first firm to demonstrate financial stability has "graduated" from the Lewis Incubator for Technology (LIFT). ANALIZA Inc., of Warrensville Heights, a company founded by Drs. Arnon Chait and Boris Zaslavsky in 1997, exited LIFT last year with a mature technology base and a well-recognized reputation in the field of drug discovery.

ANALIZA's expertise and technologies are presently implemented in its Automated Discovery Workstation - an innovative platform for rapid early drug-discovery screening that is used by major pharmaceutical companies.

The company started its business with no venture capital and became successful within 3 years. ANALIZA's success is in part due to the timeliness of its innovative technologies. The rapidly expanding post-genomics fields have added pressures for faster screening of potential drugs on the multitudes of new targets now available in the human genome. ANALIZA's technologies facilitate this early decision-making process, thus reducing the high cost of new drugs.

"The availability of services and ready-to-occupy facilities certainly made our early transition to a productive mode of operation very easy," said Dr. Chait, president of ANALIZA. "We are grateful for all the assistance the LIFT staff provided and would highly recommend the incubator to other budding high-technology companies."

The firm is performing additional research work in the small molecule drug discovery field where the target is a protein. It is also exploring the biotechnology drug discovery field, where the therapeutic compound is a protein itself.

"ANALIZA's success is an excellent example of LIFT's significant contribution to increasing the formation of high tech businesses, creating new jobs and improving the quality of human life in Ohio and the nation," said Kim Veris, Glenn's LIFT program manager.

LIFT continues to generate strong interest in start-up companies seeking to use Glenn-developed technology and expertise. It is a cooperative effort of Glenn, Ohio Department of Development, Enterprise Development, Inc. and the Great Lakes Industrial Technology Center.

ANALIZA now employs eight and occupies 3,500 square feet at a Miles Road facility in Warrensville Heights, OH.

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