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 02.03.00 - Grant Establishing Lab Links Learning with Imagination
Fueled by their enthusiasm and guided by their imaginations, students from East Technical High School will have the opportunity to learn first hand about today's world of robotics in a new LEGOTM Robotics Lab.
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 02.07.00 - WANTED: Students to Plan Future Mars Community
Area youths are invited to become part of the excitement happening nationwide in chartering a course for the future when people might have a permanent home on Mars.
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 02.11.00 - African Solar Village Outreach Project Enlightens Community
Imagine residences in rural African villages without utilities -- running water, heat and electricity -- being sustained by the latest developments in power technology.
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 02.17.00 - School Visits Strive to Peak Interest and Curiosity of Students
Engineers and scientists from NASA Glenn Research Center are going back to school.
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 02.18.00 - Students and Robot Ready for the Challenge
A kit of parts, a set of rules, a look at the playing field and a deadline of six weeks in which to build a remote-controlled robot. Now that's a challenge!
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 02.24.00 - NASA Glenn Awards $63.5 Million Contract for Plum Brook Station Operations
The Plum Brook Operations Group has been awarded a contract to provide operational services at the NASA Glenn Research Center's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, OH.
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 02.28.00 - An Invitation to an Out of This World Experience Interested in going to Mars?
There have been books about it and even movies! Now visitors can learn what NASA is actively working on towards that goal.
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 03.03.00 - New Lab Ready To Test Sudden Impacts
The last time government cannon boomed across the shores of Lake Erie was during the War of 1812, but a new laboratory at NASA's Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, is now experimenting with ballistics of a different kind.
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 03.15.00 - Aerospace Laboratory Opening Encourages Students to Reach for the Stars with NASA Glenn's Help
On Thursday, March 16, another step will be taken towards pioneering the technology forefront with the dedication of an aerospace laboratory at the Anne Beers Elementary School in Washington, DC.
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 03.16.00 - Year 2 for NASA Glenn Preapprentice Training Program
Some fifteen qualified applicants will learn machining skills from NASA Glenn Research Center's master machinist.
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 03.16.00 - Getting Flywheels Ready to Fly
A flywheel energy storage system recently achieved full-speed operation at 60,000 revolutions per minute (rpm).
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 04.04.00 - Aviation Industry Leaders Gather at NASA Glenn to Explore Research and Technology Opportunities
Meeting the technology needs for the aviation community in the 21st century is no small task.
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 04.12.00 - Local Robot Makes Final Four of National Competition
At the buzzer of the last two-minute match, three NASA-sponsored teams finished in the final four of the 2000 FIRST National Robotics Competition, held April 6-8 at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center.
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 04.17.00 - Note to Editor: Take Our Children to Work Day Observed at NASA Glenn
This year's Take Our Children to Work Day at the NASA Glenn Research Center will not simply show children of Center employees what their parents do -- it will ask them to be a part of the action.
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 04.24.00 - NASA Glenn Honors Its Innovators
The NASA Glenn Research Center has announced the year 2000 winners of its most prestigious Center-level awards, given to researchers and technicians for their extraordinary innovation in carrying out Glenn's projects and research.
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 04.25.00 - Next Generation of Executives, Scientists, Engineers and Researchers Nurtured at NASA Glenn
Encouraging young women to acquire skills for success in an increasingly technological world is a challenge that is being met at the NASA Glenn Research Center.
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 05.15.00 - NASA Glenn Secretaries Honored
Learning new software and teaching it to other staff members, coordinating the activities of international meetings, creating and updating web pages. These are just some of the beyond-the-call of duty activities of the six recipients of this year's Secretarial/Clerical Awards at NASA Glenn Research Center.
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 05.17.00 - Students Reap Awards for Their Plant Research
One elementary school class and one middle school class will be honored for their reports on science experiments they conducted involving tomato plants they grew from seeds exposed to space environments compared with plants they grew from normal seeds.
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 05.23.00 - Students Conduct Hands-on Environmental Survey in Metroparks
Fifth-grade students from Pine Elementary School in North Olmsted will be "junior environmentalists" as they collect and analyze water, soil and plant samples in an environmental survey that is part of their science curriculum.
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 05.30.00 - For ACTS Experiments -- All Good Things Must Come To An End
After 81 months of operations and far exceeding its planned 24-month mission, NASA's Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) will conclude its extensive experiments program tomorrow, May 31.
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 05.31.00 - New Illinois Commercialization Center Launches Today
The Illinois Coalition is partnering with the NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, and Battelle Memorial Institute's Great Lakes Industrial Technology Center (GLITeC), Cleveland, OH, to launch a NASA commercialization center in the Chicago area.
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 06.14.00 - Summer of 'Give and Get' for Professors at NASA Glenn
This month, 45 guest researchers from 28 colleges and universities around the country and the world will begin a summer of collaboration, research and learning at the NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH.
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 06.22.00 - Take an Adventure in Aeronautics at Glenn Research Center
The public is invited to take an "Adventure in Aeronautics" at the NASA Glenn Research Center Visitor Center on Saturday, June 24, between 10 a.m.
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 07.06.00 - NASA Selects Providers of Information Technology Services for Four NASA Research Centers
NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, has selected Intellisource of Vienna, VA partnered with Science Applications International Corp. to provide information technology services for the four NASA Aerospace Technology centers under the Outsourcing Desktop Initiative (ODIN) for NASA.
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 07.13.00 - Agency Awards Ceremony At NASA Glenn
Director Donald J. Campbell presented the agency's highest medals to over 200 employees of NASA Glenn Research Center and its onsite contractors.
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 07.27.00 - Local All Girls' High School Students "Suit Up" with NASA Glenn for Space Station Experiment
A group of high school girls wearing lab coats in a clean room works on an experiment to board the International Space Station (ISS) --sound like science fiction?
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 07.21.00 - NASA Glenn Awards Contracts for Development of Fuel Injectors
Five contracts, totaling $12.5 million, were awarded as part of NASA Glenn Research Center's Ultra-Efficient Engine Technology (UEET) program, for the development of revolutionary fuel injector/mixers for future aircraft engine low-emission combustors.
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 07.31.00 - Company Delivers Rockets and a Small-Business Research Success
Space rockets made of rhenium promise to last longer and, perhaps, fly, farther.
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 08.10.00 - NASA Glenn Research Center Awards $7.5 Million Contract for Pulse Detonation Engine Flight Research
A contract for developing and building a test version of a Pulse Detonation Engine (PDE) has been awarded to the McDonnell Douglas Corporation, St. Louis, MO, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company.
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 08.14.00 - NASA Glenn Workshop Targets Industrial and Research Designers
Specialists will learn to marry the worlds of design and research at NASA's Thermal and Fluids Analysis Workshop at the Forum Conference Center in Cleveland, OH, on August 21 through 25.
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 09.12.00 - NASA Glenn Research Garners Technology Awards
Three research teams from the NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, have been named winners of the prestigious R&D 100 Awards sponsored by R&D Magazine.
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 09.22.00 - Join the Celebration of World Space Week!
World Space Week, October 4 through 10, will be recognized around the world.
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 09.25.00 - Local Women to Receive Technology Awards
Two women from NASA Glenn Research Center will be recognized for their contributions to scientific fields during the Fifth Annual Women of Color Technology Awards Conference on September 28 in Atlanta, GA.
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 09.27.00 - NASA Glenn Innovators Win Awards
Two project teams from the NASA Glenn Research Center are recipients of Enterprise Development, Inc.'s annual Innovation Award.
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 09.27.00 - Local Rocket Scientist is "Discovered"
Discover magazine has named Diane L. Linne, an aerospace engineer in NASA Glenn Research Center's Turbomachinery and Propulsion Systems Division, one of the nation's 20 most innovative researchers and scientists under age 40.
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 09.28.00 - Aeroacoustic Consortium Formed to Foster World Class Research
Aircraft noise will continue to be a concern well into the current millennium. Challenges associated with the issue will be tackled beginning in October.
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 10.10.00 - "Gateway to Space" Celebrates Historic Milestone
It's no surprise that the path an experiment must take to get into space is a rigorous one. But it's interesting to know that the trail often starts at NASA Glenn Research Center's 2.2 Second Drop Tower.
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 10.12.00 - Cleveland's Powerful Connection with the International Space Station
Excitement is mounting in the Greater Cleveland area with regard to the continuing construction of the International Space Station.
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 10.20.00 - Contracts Awarded for System Studies of Revolutionary Technology
NASA Glenn Research Center has awarded two contracts to Modern Technologies Corporation and Georgia Tech Research Corporation to support systems analysis research being performed on advanced and unconventional aeropropulsion technologies.
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 10.24.00 - Glenn to Host 1-Day "Gateway to the Earth" Conference
Local and national experts will present the various impacts and applications of remote sensing and global mapping data at an upcoming conference at NASA Glenn Research Center on Thursday, November 9.
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 10.22.00 - Powering the Brightest New Star in the Sky, International Space Station
The cargo in the bay of Space Shuttle Endeavor, scheduled for launch on November 30, will enable the astronauts to flip the switch of the electrical power system so that research can begin on the International Space Station.
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 10.30.00 - NASA Glenn Awards $7.3 Million Contract to Ohio Company
NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, has awarded a contract to JDD, Inc., Highland Heights, OH, to provide janitorial services to Glenn.
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