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For Release: October 24, 2000

Katherine K. Martin
Media Relations Office
(216) 433-2406

Lori J. Rachul
Media Relations Office
(216) 433-8806

Glenn to Host 1-Day "Gateway to the Earth" Conference

Local and national experts will present the various impacts and applications of remote sensing and global mapping data at an upcoming conference at NASA Glenn Research Center on Thursday, November 9.

The Gateway to the Earth Conference will focus on recent successes, applications and partnering opportunities involving remote sensing data from the Landsat-7 satellite. Education, urban and rural planning, environment, resource management and related high-speed, high-bandwidth, terrestrial and satellite information technology will also be discussed.

Gateway to the Earth (G2E) is a national consortium of universities, federal, state, local and tribal governments and industry designed to promote the development of the satellite remote sensing industry in the United States through improved access to satellite data and technology for education and research. States belonging to the consortium include Arizona, California, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

"Government and commercial satellite data are rapidly becoming an integral part of education and research and our economy as a whole," said Richard Beck, OhioView Consortium director and master of ceremonies for the conference. "This is an opportunity for educators, legislators, partners and potential partners to assess the progress and chart the future of applications of satellite imaging data."

G2E is an outgrowth of the OhioView Pilot that was started in 1996 to provide educational and research users with rapid, affordable access to NASA and USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) satellite data. Glenn, a partner with 10 Ohio universities and other state organizations, constructed OhioView's high-speed network by which images are transmitted and runs the servers between USGS in Sioux Falls, SD and Glenn by which the images are stored.

"Glenn is working with other NASA centers and the USGS to extend the OhioView data access system to other states," said Calvin T. Ramos, chief, Satellite Networks and Architectures Branch. "Other agencies, such as the Bureau of Land Management and the Environmental Protection Agency are already using G2E satellite data."

Currently, OhioView provides teachers with satellite images to facilitate realistic views of Earth. Every 16 days, new images of Ohio are transmitted from NASA's Landsat-7 Earth Observing Satellite. It takes about 10 images to put together an entire view of the state of Ohio.

More information, a conference agenda and a list of speakers are available at

Information on the Gateway to the Earth: OhioView Pilot is at

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Note to Editors: Media representatives are invited to attend the Gateway to the Earth Conference in Glenn's DEB Auditorium from 8:30 a.m. to noon. Those interested in attending should call ahead to Katherine Martin or the Media Relations Office at 216/433-2901 in order to be cleared through security. Glenn's DEB Auditorium is located on the north side of Brookpark Road off Grayton Road and I-480 in Cleveland, OH.

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