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For Release: August 14, 2000

Pamelia Caswell/Lori Rachul
Media Relations Office

NASA Glenn Workshop Targets Industrial and Research Designers

Specialists will learn to marry the worlds of design and research at NASA's Thermal and Fluids Analysis Workshop at the Forum Conference Center in Cleveland, OH, on August 21 through 25.

This year's workshop, with its theme bridging the gap between research and design, is a blend of application-oriented presentations and hands-on training in state of the art thermal and fluids analysis tools such as SINDA, FIDAP, CFDesign and Thermal Desktop. Earlier tools of these types in use by industry have cut either design-to-market time or manufacturing time and costs.

In addition to papers by authors with specialties in thermal, fluids, propulsion and interdisciplinary analyses, the workshop offers vendor displays, product demonstrations and a two-day short course on computational thermal analysis and it's importance to the design process.

"At NASA Glenn, our chief emphasis is on aerospace systems said," Derrick Cheston, chief of the Thermal and Fluids Systems Design and Analysis Branch. "But many of the tools we in the research community use, or have designed, have application to systems being used in manufacturing right here in Northeast Ohio."

The conference is sponsored by NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH--NASA's lead center for propulsion research and OAI (the Ohio Aerospace Institute), also of Cleveland.

For more information about the workshop and how to register visit:

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