For Release: July 13, 2000

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Agency Awards Ceremony At NASA Glenn

NASA Glenn Research Center  Director Donald J. Campbell presented the agency's highest medals to over 200 employees of NASA Glenn Research Center and its onsite contractors.  General John R. Dailey, director of the National Air and space Museum and former associate deputy administrator of NASA,  was the keynote speaker at the July 13, 2000, event.  Employees and others  were honored for their outstanding contributions toward achieving the goals of NASA and Glenn through their excellence in science, engineering and service.  Among the recipients of this year’s awards is former congressman Louis Stokes. 

Outstanding Leadership Medal

Joseph D. Gaby, Brecksville, for outstanding efforts enabling the Glenn Research Center to be recognized within NASA and the aerospace community as the leader in propellant systems technology.

Jack A. Salzman, Medina, for outstanding contributions in leading the microgravity research program to achieve a preeminent stature and record unparalleled accomplishments in the disciplines of fluids, combustion, and acceleration measurement.

Exceptional Achievement Medal

Paul W. Angel, Avon Lake, for outstanding technical and programmatic achievements in the development and application of advanced high-temperature materials for NASA’s High-Performance Aircraft Program.

Chun-Hua (Kathy) Chuang, Brecksville, for outstanding contributions to the development of high-temperature polymeric materials for aerospace applications.

Alberta J. Drabik, Strongsville, for significant contributions made to the Agency and Center staffing programs with an emphasis on minority employment and the Welfare-to-Work Initiative.

Frances I. Hurwitz, Shaker Heights, for exceptional scientific and leadership contributions that have had major impacts on several NASA and Department of Defense national ceramics programs.

Karen Langenwalter, Lakewood, for exceptional achievement in the development and successful implementation of an innovative approach to providing information technology (IT) services that now serve as a model for the Agency.

Lori A. Manthey, Hinckley, for outstanding contributions to advocating aeronautics technology developed at the NASA Glenn Research Center.

Exceptional Service Medal

Paul A. Bartolotta, Medina, for contributions to high-temperature structures and advanced materials research for aerospace applications.

Dennis C. Conrad, North Ridgeville, for continuous and dedicated service to the Agency and the Glenn Research Center’s human resources development (HRD) community and to the development and training of its employees.

Carl J. Daniele, Strongsville, for significant contributions in aeronautical simulation development and in the management of flight, ground, and verification software for space station, microgravity experiments, and expendable launch vehicles.

Sunil Dutta, Westlake, for sustained significant achievements in fostering research and development grant awards with historically black colleges and universities and high-tech research and development contracts with small disadvantaged businesses.

William F. Ford, North Olmsted, for continued outstanding leadership, customer focus, and significant contributions to the computational sciences and computer services that support the Center’s programs.

Carol A. Ginty, North Olmsted, for exceptional service and dedication to managing aeropropulsion materials and structures projects and to maintaining NASA excellence and advancement in materials and structures technology development.

Dexter Johnson, Berea, for the development of power-saving magnetic bearing controls for magnetic suspension systems, the development of a magnetic suspension and excitation system for the Dynamic Spin Rig, and contributions to the NASA Administrator’s Fellowship Program.

Robert F. Lawrence, Fairlawn, for outstanding leadership in implementing equal opportunity programs that impact students and the community.

Ajay K. Misra, Strongsville, for exceptional efforts in providing technical and project management leadership that have significantly contributed to developing the next-generation of advanced high-temperature engine materials for the U.S. aerospace industry.

Sandra T. Reehorst, Strongsville, for outstanding contributions to NASA’s mission to develop the power system for the International Space Station and to transfer power technologies to the industrial sector.

Richard B. Rogers, Bedford, for pioneering work in and contributions to the Microgravity Fluid Physics Program at NASA Glenn Research Center in the area of morphology and rheology of colloids.

John E. Rohde, Brunswick, for outstanding service and contribution to air-breathing propulsion project management, maintaining NASA leadership in propulsion technology development.

Kurt R. Sacksteder, Hinckley, for exceptional contributions to the Microgravity Combustion Science Program.

Noel B. Sargent, Medina, for exceptional engineering contributions and leadership skills that have enabled NASA missions, shaped NASA policies, and molded the career of numerous engineers.

Robin H. Strohacker, Amherst, for excellence in procurement policy support to the Glenn Research Center and to NASA.

Pete Vrotsos, Brecksville, for continued outstanding leadership and contributions to NASA’s microgravity measurement and analysis programs and Space Communications Program.

Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal

Daniel L. Ng, Shaker Heights, for exceptional and innovative development and application of multiwavelength pyrometry for remote thermal measurement of aeropropulsion systems.

Vincent K. Rawlin, Wellington, for outstanding contributions to technology development in electrostatic ion propulsion systems for near-Earth and planetary mission applications that maintained the Glenn Research Center’s role as the world leader in electric propulsion.

Equal Employment Opportunity Medal

Priscilla A. Mobley, Cleveland, for continuing leadership in promoting diversity at the Glenn Research Center and helping youths to pursue careers in science and engineering.

Distinguished Public Service Medal

Louis B. Stokes, Cleveland, for unwavering dedication to NASA and congressional leadership in promoting the vast potential of aeronautics and space for civilian, military, and commercial purposes.

Public Service Medal

James S. T’ien, Highland Heights, for extraordinary service to NASA in spacecraft fire safety, microgravity combustion science, and mentoring.

Group Achievement Awards

Twenty-eight members of the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) Flight Operations Team for outstanding teamwork and professional technical abilities that enabled the success of the ACTS Project flight and ground station operations.

Six members of the Code Parallelization Team for the National Combustion Code for achieving a major Government Performance Review Act milestone for the High-Performance Computing and Communications Program by reducing turbine engine combustion analysis time by a factor of 320:1.

Fourteen members of the Oil-Free Turbomachinery Research Team for research on foil bearing and rotordynamic design technology that laid the technical foundation for a new class of high-speed, high-temperature, oil-free turbomachinery propulsion systems.

Sixteen members of the Space Act Agreement Partnering Team for implementing improvements in the Space Act Agreement process that have resulted in reduced cycle time and improved decisionmaking.

Seven members of the President’s Council for Year 2000 Conversion for the successful assessment, renovation, validation, and certification of the systems, facilities, and infrastructure at the Glenn Research Center and Plum Brook Station in preparation for the year 2000 (Y2K).

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