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For Release: September 17, 1999

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NASA Glenn Holds Agency Award Ceremony

NASA Associate Administrator for Aero-Space Technology Spence M. Armstrong and Glenn Research Center Director Donald J. Campbell presented the agency's highest medals to over 200 employees of NASA Glenn Research Center and its onsite contractors. Former Astronaut and current Ohio COSI (Center of Science and Industry) President and CEO Kathryn Sullivan was the keynote speaker at the September 13, 1999, event. Employees were honored for their outstanding contributions toward achieving the goals of NASA and Glenn through their excellence in science, engineering and service.

Outstanding Leadership medals went to

Sasi Kumar Pillay, North Royalton, For continued outstanding leadership in human resources management and information technology.

William P. Sexton, Brecksville, For outstanding leadership and contributions enabling the Icing Research Tunnel facility to operate successfully and fulfill the Center’s mission.

Exceptional Achievement medals went to

Michelle M. Bright, Highland Heights, For exceptional and innovative technology advancement of gas turbine compressor stall detection and stability control.

Sin-Chung Chang, Westlake, For outstanding contributions that have led to new areas of research in computational fluid dynamics.

Brian J. Edmonds, Cleveland, For extraordinary efforts in the development of plasma, composite, high-thermal and ceramic sprayed coatings and in the advancement of their application to benefit NASA, other government agencies and industry.

William O. Hughes, Hudson, For sustained engineering excellence and leadership in providing acoustic, vibration and shock analysis expertise.

Ronald D. Noebe, Medina, For exceptional research in intermetallics processing, microstructure and properties resulting in the maturation of nickel aluminide to an engineering material.

Daniel E. Paxson, Parma Heights, For the development and application of wave rotor technology for aeropropulsion and gas engine systems.

Debashis Sadhukhan, North Olmsted, For achieving significant reductions in the cost of aeropropulsion testing.

Daniel L. Tweedt, Brunswick, For outstanding contributions to the understanding and development of supersonic throughflow fans for lightweight engines used in high-speed flight.

Walter A. Wozniak, Parma, For outstanding accomplishments and advancements in the field of welding, specifically metallic inert gas, tungsten inert gas, dry box and electron beam.

Exceptional Engineering Achievement medals went to

Danny P. Hwang, Strongsville, For many outstanding engineering accomplishments and in particular for the microblowing technique patent.

Richard G. Seasholtz, Westlake, For developing Rayleigh scattering as a tool for aeropropulsion measurements and making measurements in noisier environments than were previously possible.

Exceptional Service medals went to

Sheila G. Bailey, Lakewood, For exceptional service in the field of photovoltaics, especially for space applications that have resulted in revolutionary new solar cell technologies.

Gary L. Cole, Rocky River, For outstanding contributions in high-speed inlet dynamics and parallel processing.

Andrew J. Eckel, Bay Village, For outstanding contributions to Space Transportation Technology by enabling the application of structural ceramics in propulsion systems.

Edwin J. Graber, Westfield Center, For exceptional efforts in aeropropulsion project management significantly contributing to NASA’s maintaining its aeronautics research leadership role for the U.S. aerospace industry.

Karen L. Hickman, Westlake, For exceptional and exemplary dedication in the promotion, management and execution of NASA partnership initiatives.

Sandra P. Hippensteele, Strongsville, For sustained outstanding performance in secretarial and administrative support.

Robert P. Jones, Parma, For outstanding leadership, customer focus and dedication in providing essential institutional services that support the Center’s mission.

Mary C. Lester, Fairview Park, For exceptional contributions to the management of major Agency programs and projects.

Wilfredo Morales, Lorain, For contributing to NASA’s mission by developing innovative, high-temperature, liquid lubricant formulations for aerospace and industrial applications.

Marsha M. Nall, Independence, For leadership in championing the needs of the research community and its payload developers throughout the International Space Station payload integration process.

Lori O. Pietravoia, Richmond Heights, For significant contributions in employee and labor relations with an emphasis on partnerships.

Robert R. Romanofsky, Hinckley, For sustained innovative and creative technology development applicable to future communication systems.

Jaiwon Shin, Avon Lake, For exceptional management and technical contributions to aviation safety including aircraft icing research.

John D. Whittenberger, North Olmsted, For an exceptional career in the research and development of advanced aerospace materials.

Equal Employment Opportunity medal went to

Jorge A. Quintana, San Juan, For outstanding achievement and material contributions to the goals of NASA's equal employment opportunity programs in the Government and in community organizations.

Public Service Medals went to

Rafat R. Ansari, Avon, For pioneering work in the use of compact fiber-optic-based, laser light-scattering probe for detection and prevention of eye diseases.

Mrityunjay Singh, Strongsville, For outstanding contributions to ceramics that have impacted the course of the High Speed Research Project and space transportation technology and given new industrial capabilities in ceramics via technology development and transfer.

Career Service pins went to

Forty-years of service: Gerald V. Brown, Lakewood; Ralph G. Garlick, Cleveland; Ojars V. Klans, Cleveland; Richard K. Shaltens, Westlake; Martin T. Stupiansky, Valley City.

Forty-five years of service: Earl R. Hanes, Middleburg Heights; Robert Siegel, Shaker Heights.

Group Achievement awards went to

Six members of the Computational Materials Group for unique contributions to computational alloy design that bridged the quantum world to the experimental material world.

Twenty-five members of the Earth Orbiter–1 Pulsed Plasma Thruster Testing Team for successful acceptance testing of the Earth Orbiter–1 Pulsed Plasma Thruster.

Ten members of the Lewis Electrical Power System Subsystem Management Team for exceptional technical oversight of the electrical power system development for the International Space Station.

Eighty-nine members of the Lewis FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Team (1997–98) for outstanding achievement in promoting a partnership with Cleveland East Technical High School and a systemic education program that highlights academic performance, technical development and community participation.

Seven members of the NASA Preparatory Team for the 1997 World Radio Conference, For the development and advocacy of key spectrum allocation proposals that contributed to the success of the U.S. Delegation to the 1997 World Radiocommunications Conference.

Thirty-five members of the Outcome-Goal-Based System Studies of OASTT Programs Study Team for outstanding effort to quantify the contributions of each OASTT program element to the Aeronautics Pillar goals.

Ten members of the Telemedicine Applications Team for exceptional innovation and collaboration with medical research institutions in the application of NASA communication and network technologies to advance the telemedicine field.




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