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News Release 99-71

For Release: September 17, 1999

Barbara L. Kakiris
(Bus: 216/433-2513)

Lori J. Rachul
(Phone: 216/433-8806)

NASA Glenn Joins Clean Cities Program to Help Preserve the Environment

The NASA Glenn Research Center took another step forward in its dedication to the environment by signing a Memorandum of Understanding and becoming a stakeholder in the Northeast Ohio Clean Cities Program during the program's designation ceremony on September 14. Northeast Ohio is the 74th Clean Cities region nationwide.

"We have a long history of research in advanced propulsion systems for the aviation industry. Over the last few years environmental quality has been a focus of Glenn's research. We at the Center are very concerned about ground transportation and how to apply our technology expertise. By becoming a member of the Northeast Ohio Clean Cities Program, we have devoted the transfer of our technology to automobiles and new fuels that reduce contamination, helping to make our cities cleaner and more environmentally compatible," said Glenn Center Director Donald J. Campbell.

Examples of Glenn's environmental initiatives include research on engine noise, emissions and alternative fuels. The Center also has a fleet of 14 natural gas vehicles, with 4 more on order. Additionally, Glenn was a joint recipient of the 1999 Federal Energy and Water Management Award for procuring and expanding the use of an on-site natural gas refueling facility.

Clean Cities is a voluntary federal program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, designed to accelerate and expand the use of alternative fuels in communities throughout the country. Its goals are to reduce dependence on imported oil, reduce air pollution from vehicle emissions, assist local businesses and governments with regulatory environmental compliance, encourage economic development through job creation and create a positive community image.

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