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News Release 99-60

For Release: July 28, 1999

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NASA Glenn's Adamczyk and Povinelli Honored by International Engineering Society

Two NASA Glenn Research Center senior scientists were recently honored by the International Gas Turbine Institute of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for their engineering research efforts.

John J. Adamczyk received the institute’s 1999 Scholar Award for his paper "Aerodynamic Analysis of Multistage Turbomachinery Flows in Support of Aerodynamic Design." The institute bestows its scholar award on a person whose paper makes a significant contribution to the science and practice of gas turbine engineering. Adamczyk’s paper reports his development of an accurate computer model of flow processes inside gas turbine engines. This computer model, and others he has developed during his 15 years at Glenn, is used by engine manufacturers to improve the design and factory production of aircraft engines.

Adamczyk of North Olmsted, OH, holds a Ph.D. in applied mechanics from the University of Connecticut and is currently a senior aerospace scientist in the Glenn Research and Technology Directorate.

Louis A. Povinelli received the institute’s 1999 Aircraft Engine Technology Award for his extensive contributions to computational and experimental propulsion research, which span the advancement of air flight from air-breathing engines to hypersonic (more than five times the speed of sound) propulsion. He is recognized internationally as a propulsion authority and has consulted for NASA, the military and international agencies on his specialty.

Povinelli of Westlake, OH, holds a Ph.D. in mechanical and astronautical sciences from Northwestern University and is currently chief scientist for turbomachinery and propulsion systems in the Glenn Research and Technology Directorate.

"John and Lou have made many technical contributions to NASA and the aerospace propulsion industry. These prestigious awards are recognition of the importance of their contributions," says Dr. Lawrence Bober, deputy director of the Research and Technology Directorate.

The awards were presented June 7th during the Gas Turbine and Aeroengine Technical Congress, Exposition and Users Symposium in Indianapolis, IN. The ASME is a nonprofit engineering organization that focuses on technical, educational and research issues. It is among the world’s largest technical publishers and sets many industrial and manufacturing standards.

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