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 01.08.97 - Note to Editor: Shannon Press Availability
 01.13.97 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Program for 1-19-97
 01.16.97 - Note to Editor: Kidsat Open House 1-19-97
 01.24.97 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Program on Galileo 2-1-97
 01.24.97 - Note to Editor: Black History Month Programs
 02.05.97 - Note to Editor: Media Briefing for NASA's FY98 Budget
 02.07.97 - Note to Editor: Eagle Scout Recognition Ceremony
 02.13.97 - Note to Editor: East Tech and Lewis Design Robot for National Competition
 02.13.97 - Note to Editor: Trial Run for the Competition - 1997 - FIRST
 02.13.97 - Note to Editor: NASA Engineers Visit Schools for National Engineers Week
 02.14.97 - Note to Editor: Black History Month Program (Dr. D.S. Tukufu)
 02.21.97 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center 97 Lecture Series on Mars
 02.21.97 - Note to Editor: Spaceweek "Space for Our Children"
 02.24.97 - Note to Editor: Yuska Named Director of Engineering and Technology Services
 02.27.97 - NASA Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Pioneer Launch
On March 2, 1997, NASA Lewis Research Center engineers will join in a 25th Anniversary celebration of the first man-made probe to leave the solar system and travel on a fight path to Jupiter - Pioneer 10.
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 03.20.97 - Note to Editor: Small Business Partnering Workshop
 03.24.97 - Note to Editor: Press Briefing for STS-83/MSL-1
 03.27.97 - NASA Lewis Researchers Launch 11 Experiments on Next Shuttle Mission
Eleven NASA Lewis Research Center experiments will fly on the STS-83 mission as part of the Microgravity Science Laboratory (MSL-1), a research facility that will provide the bridge between present Spacelab and future International Space Station operations. Space shuttle Columbia is schedule for liftoff on April 3, 1997.
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 03.31.97 - Note to Editor: Media Advisory - Visitor Center to Close Temporarily
 04.01.97 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Weekend Programming for 2nd Quarter
 04.03.97 - Note to Editor: Local Story Opportunities for STS-83 Mission
 04.07.97 - Utilizing High Temperature Super Conductivity Technology Will Lower Cost of Satellite Communications
Lewis Research Center has signed a $12.3 million, three-year, cost-shared cooperative agreement with COM DEV International Ltd., Cambridge, Ontario, Canada; E. I. Dupont, Inc., Wilmington, DE; and Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Company, Palo Alto, CA, and Lockheed Martin Communications and Research Center, Princeton, NJ.
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 04.08.97 - Note to Editor: STS-83 Post Landing Conference
 04.09.97 - Note to Editor: NASA Employees Honored by US Space Foundation
 04.10.97 - NASA Establishes New National Microgravity Center
Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Cleveland, OH, and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) will partner with NASA's Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH, to advance microgravity research in fluid physics and combustion science through a new National Center for Microgravity Research on Fluids and Combustion, according to NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin.
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 04.10.97 - NASA Hosts Space Station Radiator Tests
An innovative radiator, designed to provide cooling for the International Space Station, is undergoing testing at the NASA Lewis Research Center's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, OH.
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 04.12.97 - Note to Editor: Media Advisory - Earth Day Activities
 05.01.97 - Note to Editor: NASA Enables Cleveland School Special Education in Space Camp
 05.13.97 - Note to Editor: Live Broadcast of International Space Station Briefing
 05.15.97 - Note to Editor: Media Advisory - First Award and Cleveland Clinic
 05.28.97 - Note to Editor: Rocket Launch by School Kids and OEP
 05.30.97 - Note to Editor: Media Interview with Dr. Whitehead HQ
 06.04.97 - Note to Editor: Media Advisory - Visitor Center Re-Opening May 15, 1997
 06.19.97 - Note to Editor: STS-94 Reflight of STS-83 Mission Briefing
 06.27.97 - Note to Editor: Mars Pathfinder Events
 06.30.97 - Visitors Offered Unique Experience Through Special NASA Lewis Tours and Exhibits
Learn more about NASA Lewis’ microgravity research program and its importance onboard the upcoming shuttle mission by participating in special tours and exhibits at the NASA Lewis Visitor Center.
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 07.01.97 - Note to Editor: Media Advisory - STS-94 Launch
 07.03.97 - Note to Editor: Mars July 4th Landing Events
 07.15.97 - Note to Editor: July 19, 1997 Visitor Center Presentation and 7-8-9 File Schedule
 07.16.97 - Note to Editor: STS-94 Post Landing Press Conference
 07.17.97 - Note to Editor: NASA Lewis Hosts 2 Week Workshop for Teachers
 07.18.97 - Note to Editor: NASA Lewis Employees Receive Honor Awards
 07.21.97 - Video Conference to Link Disabled Student Interns from Six NASA Centers
Five area high school students who are interning at NASA Lewis Research Center this summer will have the opportunity to share their successes and challenges with fellow NASA interns from across the country during a two-hour video conference from 2-4 p.m. on Tuesday, July 22.
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 07.28.97 - NASA Occupational Health Conference Held in Cleveland
NASA Lewis Research Center Director Donald J. Campbell and City of Cleveland Commissioner for the Environment Joseph Jasper will welcome the group to Cleveland at the opening of the conference on Monday, August 4, at 8:30 a.m. NASA Associate Administrator for Microgravity and Life Sciences Arnauld Nicogossian will also give welcoming remarks.
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 07.30.97 - Note to Editor: New Exhibit Shows Plum Brook's Martin Chronicles
 07.31.97 - Note to Editor: Mars Pathfinder News Briefing
 07.31.97 - Note to Editor: Siegel Release
 08.04.97 - Note to Editor: Environmental Note to Editor
 08.04.97 - Note to Editor: Space Exploration Workshop
 08.06.97 - Note to Editor: Parma High Seniors' Crystal Experment on STS-85
 08.06.97 - NASA Lewis Research Center and Parma High School Students Look Forward to August 7 Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery
Scientists and researchers at NASA Lewis aren't the only ones interested in the next Space Shuttle flight scheduled to launch this week.
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 08.08.97 - Note to Editor: SEMAA Picnic
 08.11.97 - Note to Editor: Guggenheim Medal to Dr. Abe Silverstein
 08.14.97 - Former NASA Offical Receives Guggenheim Medal
Abe Silverstein, a leading figure in 20th century aerospace engineering and a former NASA center director, was presented today the prestigious Guggenheim Medal by representatives from the Guggenheim Medal Fund and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
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 08.28.97 - Note to Editor: NASA Lewis to Conduct Echocardiograph by Computer
 09.02.97 - Note to Editor: Hispanic Advisory Council Kick-off Event 9-9-97
 09.10.97 - Note to Editor: Ultrasound Transmitted Via Computer
 09.15.97 - Note to Editor: Media Opportunity with STS-94 Astronauts
 09.15.97 - Note to Editor: KIDSAT Demonstration
 09.19.97 - Note to Editor: Lewis Scientists Nominated for Local Awards
 09.26.97 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Third Quarter Programing
 09.30.97 - Note to Editor: KIDSAT Re-Take
 10.06.97 - Note to Editor: Silver Snoopy Awards for 1997
 10.09.97 - Note to Editor: Cassini Launch and Students ETC. Signatures
 10.22.97 - Note to Editor: Women's Health Video Advisory
 10.31.97 - Note to Editor: Dedication of Kent State/NASA Robotic Telescope
 11.04.97 - Note to Editor: Young Astronauts Day November 8, 1997
 11.05.97 - Note to Editor: National Chemistry Week
 11.12.97 - Note to Editor: National Native American Heritage Month
 11.14.97 - NASA Lewis Research Center and RTA to Unveil Next Generation Transit Bus
NASA Lewis Research Center and the Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) will showcase the first hybrid electric transit bus at the 25th International Truck and Bus Meeting and Exposition to be held November 17-19, 1997, at the Cleveland Convention Center.
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 11.28.97 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center No Longer Offering Extended Hours on Tuesday
 12.05.97 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Holiday Closings
 12.10.97 - Note to Editor: Lewis to Host Annual Christmas Program
 12.31.97 - Note to Editor: First Quarter of 1998 Visitor Center Presentations
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