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Press Release 97-44

Sally V. Harrington
NASA Lewis Research Center
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CLEVELAND, OH--The annual NASA Occupational Health Conference will be held in Cleveland at the Renaissance Hotel from August 4-8. Physicians, nurses, industrial hygienists, health and fitness professionals and other occupational health workers from NASA centers around the country and NASA Headquarters will be in attendance.

NASA Lewis Research Center Director Donald J. Campbell and City of Cleveland Commissioner for the Environment Joseph Jasper will welcome the group to Cleveland at the opening of the conference on Monday, August 4, at 8:30 a.m. NASA Associate Administrator for Microgravity and Life Sciences Arnauld Nicogossian will also give welcoming remarks.

The theme of the conference is "Achieving Quality in Occupational Health." On Monday morning, Occupational Medicine Services Director Dr. Stephen Weirich will address the assemblage on "Striving for Quality at a NASA Occupational Health Clinic."

Dr. Weirich and the 12 coworkers he leads are employed by Hummer Associates, a NASA Lewis contractor. Hummer, a small women-owned business that provides health care to NASA Lewis employees, recently was presented the 1997 George M. Low award by NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin. The award signifies excellence and outstanding achievement in quality and performance.

On Monday afternoon, Dr. Leonard Golding of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) will present "Engineering Aspects in Blood Pump Development." The pump is part of the Innovative Ventricular Assist System (IVAS), a joint effort of NASA Lewis and CCF. The technology involved was developed originally at NASA Lewis for the aerospace industry.

Representatives from Boeing Company, Lockheed-Martin, the U.S. Air Force, and Eli-Lilly will also speak to the theme of the conference on Monday.

Dr. Saralynn Mark, of the White House Office on Women’s Health, will give the keynote speech "Writing a New Prescription for Women’s Health." She will speak at the banquet on Wednesday, August 6, at which awards for excellence in NASA occupational health programs will be presented.

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